14 Gifs That Are All of Us Waiting to go Home for Summer

Now that Spring Break has passed, us college students have nothing to look forward to besides summer. Maybe you’re about to graduate, and this summer you’ll finally be out in the real world on your own, or maybe you’re a freshman and this summer you’ll be reunited with your hometown friends. Either way, you’re excited for this school year to be done and for the weather to be warm again. Here are some feelings we all have while we anxiously wait to return home for summer.

When you count the days and find out there’s only a month left.

When you realize you’ll have to leave your college friends behind for three months.

When you remember that you get to live at home for free.

When you remember that you won’t have your total freedom anymore.

When your siblings think they can take over your room.

When you remember that before summer, comes finals.

When you realize you’ll have to wear a swimsuit soon.

When your parents tell you to get a job for the summer.

When your younger siblings think they’re in charge now.

When your family is obsessing over you since you’ve been gone for so long.

When your professor tells you that you still have three more tests left.

When you’re trying to find enough money to last you for the rest of the semester.

When you’re looking for motivation to finish the semester.

When you’re trying to convince time to speed up.

Good luck with the rest of the semester collegiettes, and don’t worry, summer will be here before you know it!