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Something that my mother once said and that has stuck with me ever since is that you have friends for different reasons. What she meant by this, is that with each friend you may have a different type of relationship. You may go to one friend when you need a shoulder to cry on, you may go to another for some advice, and you may go to another one for laughter and a fun night. I found this to be so true while I was growing up and creating relationships with different people. I may be able to go to one friend for a certain thing but not necessarily a different friend for that same reason. This isn’t a bad thing either, it just means you have a wide variety of people in your life who can be beneficial to you in many different ways. 


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I also think that this can extend to all relationships in your life, not just friendships. People come and go for different reasons and in different periods of your life. You can learn from this and figure out what you might need most in the relationships you keep and the relationships you hold closer than others. 

There may be one certain friend who is good at giving you new music recommendations, there may be another friend who you go with to see new movies that come out, there may be another who always finds the best new places to eat out. All of these people can be equally influential to you and your life, they just offer several different things. 


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Some people may also be learning lessons of what you do not want in relationships or friendships. These people may have a positive influence on your life in the way you learn more about yourself. They may have not left the best imprint on you for a while, but it could be beneficial to look at it as a learning experience. You have friends for different reasons, but you do not have to keep them if they are harmful to you or not giving you a good reason to have them in your life. 

 I think it is important to remember that these lessons that you learn from others can be a foundation of who you are and what you have gone through. If you had never met the people you have you may not be the same person you are today. You not only currently have friends for different reasons, but I believe you meet people for different reasons. They provide a differing outlook on life and help you become more knowledgeable about your surroundings. The environment you live in creates a framework that can shape who you are and how you live. It is up to you to choose the reasons in which you hold different relationships or friendships and what meaning you create for yourself. No person is the same, but that is the beauty of the world and we can choose to embrace that. 





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