A Winter Lookbook for when You Need Warm Up Your Look

It’s finally wintertime, which means it’s time to wear sweatshirts to class because it’s too cold to wear anything else. It doesn’t have to be that way though. You can be both warm and fashionable in the winter with these looks.

  1. 1. An Oversized Blazer Look

    An oversized blazer is a classic and timeless look that can also keep you warm and comfortable. It can add that extra classiness to a simple look like jeans and a shirt. It also can give an effortless chic look that looks like you put time into it. 

  2. 2. A Classic Overcoat Look 

    Even more of a classic look is the overcoat. Its long and iconic appearance gives that little drama to any outfit. You can pair this with any look really, but it looks especially nice with a turtleneck and a scarf. 

  3. 3. A Simple Layered Look 

    This is a very simple and comfortable look that can just be thrown on in the morning for a comfortable, but put together, look. It especially looks great with a patterned shirt on top of the turtleneck, but you could wear a plain shirt with a patterned turtleneck. It also allows you to wear the short sleeve shirts you can’t wear in the winter without freezing. 

  4. 4. A Classy Layered Look 

    When you pair a turtleneck with a slip dress, you get this classy and chic look. It’s a very warm and practical look to wear when you want to wear a slip dress. It is a simple solution to the problem of dresses being too cold to wear in the winter.  

All of these looks prove that winter fashion doesn’t have to be boring. Winter fashion can be just as interesting as fashion in other seasons. 


Sydney G.