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Why We Love Holiday Survival Kits

It’s that time of year again where Her Campus Millersville received their Holiday Survival Kits from Her Campus! Read below to see what we each had to say about these amazing products!


Alba Botanica:

 “I was really excited to try the Alba Botanica Eye Cream because I have super puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning.  Wow!  This stuff is awesome!  My eyes look so much better since using this cream.”  ~Shayna, Writer

“I was concerned that the Alba Botanica Eye Cream might not be great for my skin (TMI: I’m prone to breakouts and rashes!) but this is an exception for sure. It went on smoothly, absorbed quickly, and instantly made me feel more ready to conquer life as a student!” ~Mallory, Writer

“The Alba Botanica Eye Cream is seriously life changing!! I have to get up super early every day for work and school, so this eye cream has come to the rescue! My mornings are so much better when I use this product! It cools your skin and makes your eyes feel more awake! For added cooling sensation, stick the eye cream in the fridge.” ~Lexie, Writer

Tarte Cosmetics:

“Tarte Cosmetics has had my heart for quite sometime now. This Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara makes my eyes look like I am wearing false lashes! While I have naturally long and curly black lashes (Yes I know I’m #blessed) this mascara takes them to an entirely new level. The Tarteist eye clay palette is everything. While I do not wear shadows often, these colors make me want to glam up every day! I love the variety of colors, and they last all night long! There is no need to worry about fading, smudging or running with these colors! I love the guide included in the box for looks to try at home with these colors! If you do not use Tarte Cosmetics, start today!” ~Jordan, President

Actually She Can/Le Motto:

“The #ActuallySheCan tanks are a great way to get your workout started! Just wearing the tank top, created in partnership with Le Motto, inspires me to start moving. Not only is it super cute, but the fabric is soft and light, meaning you’ll be comfortable during your workout and won’t overheat in those sweaty gyms! Not only that, but the awesome mottos printed on the shirt send a positive message about keeping yourself healthy, while empowering women. If you haven’t looked into getting one yet, look into it now!” ~Lola, Writer

“Looking for an incredibly soft and stylish shirt to inspire you throughout your day? Look no further! The #ActuallySheCan Tanks, created in partnership with Le Motto, have empowering sayings on them, including “Less Hesitation, More Meditation,”, “Less Regret, More Sweat,”, and “Less Drama, More Karma”. These shirts are great for wearing to the gym!” ~Hannah, Writer

“I feel ready to conquer the world with my new #ActuallySheCan tank! #ActuallySheCan has partnered with Le Motto to create these inspiring tank tops to help spread positivity and empowerment to all young women. The fabric is light and comfortable, perfect for a workout. So what are you waiting for?” ~ Alyssa, Writer

“These lightweight, comfortable tanks are perfect for a good workout or yoga class. I’m all for wearing clothing with positive messages, and these just screamed my name! Less hesitation, more meditation, ladies!” ~Lisa, Writer


Being Massaging:

“Not only does this hand cream come in a really cute bottle it also smells absolutely AMAZING! On top of the look and smell, it’s also the perfect size to fit in the center console of my car.” ~Arleigh, Treasurer

“This hand cream is an amazing addition to my purse and backpack for the day! Whether it’s wanting to smell amazing, or just the need to keep my hands moisturized between traveling and being in the cold for a good chunk of my day, this lotion saves the day! The cloudberry and lychee blossom scent isn’t overpowering, and it’s floral aroma always peaks my mood for some reason! When you smell good you feel good too! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a standout smell and lotion that truly is the cream of the crop! I really do feel like I can take on the world and smell amazing while I do it!”~ Lindsey, Writer

“I love everything about winter: sweaters, Christmas, warm drinks, the works! But dry skin and cracking hands tend to ruin the fun. Luckily this Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom Hand Cream has kept my skin soft and moisturized in this cold dry weather. The lovely berry scent is also super refreshing when everything else is being scented with peppermint and pine trees. 10/10 would recommend for every hand this winter!”~ Sydney, Events Planner

“This stuff is amazing! The Salted Caramel & Macadamia scent is like Christmas and warm hugs in one bottle, and it makes your skin feel soft and smooth. And unlike other lotions, the smell and sensations lasts for HOURS. 100000/10 would recommend!” ~Carlee, Secretary

Krazy Glue:

“Need help holding your life together? Dog ate your homework? Punched a hole in your wall from school stress? Krazy Glue has the fix for you! Perfect for crafts and quick fixes, Krazy Glue will help you get through it all!” ~Jordan, President


This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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