Why Everyone Should Be a Feminist

This week, girls everywhere will celebrate one of the most important holidays of the year - Galentine's Day. Although the holiday started as a joke on Parks and Recreation, the message behind Galentine's Day is incredibly important. Galentine's Day has developed into a real thing because it's built around a powerful idea - feminism. Conservative politicians may try to paint feminism in a negative light, so here are five reasons why everyone should be a feminist.

  1. 1. It Celebrates Friendship

    girl and friends posing

    Feminism is all about girls supporting other girls! With holidays like Galentine's Day, feminism teaches us that friendship matters most.

  2. 2. It Supports All Women

    women fists raised in air

    Feminism doesn't only support straight, white women - it applies to all women! True feminists support women of all races, sexualities, and religions while also supporting trans women.

  3. 3. You Don't Need to Be a Woman to Be a Feminist

    Women protesting in the Women's March on Washington

    Despite what many people think, feminism is not about hating men - it is about giving women equal rights. Feminists don't want men to have fewer rights than women; they just want equal rights! Because of this, there are many male feminists and men who are unafraid to attend events like the Women's March.

  4. 4. Women Are Just as Powerful as Men

    Laptop with white mug that says the future is female with a lipstick mark

    At this point, it's pretty obvious that a woman can do any job a man can. Women are smart, powerful, and deserve to make the same salary as a man who does the same job.

  5. 5. It Teaches You to Love Yourself

    Girl jumping with red heart balloon

    As women, we face a lot of negativity. After spending most of our lives feeling objectified, it's important for us to realize we matter. Being a woman doesn't make someone lesser than a man. Feminism teaches women that they are powerful and perfect just the way they are! 

Happy Galentine's Day!


HCXO, Riley