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Although Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday, it’s a pretty good one. On Thanksgiving, I go to my aunt’s house. At my aunt’s house, my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, and my brother all get together. Everybody is trying to help in the kitchen making the food and setting the table. She lives in a nice house which we can all fit in when eating dinner. When dinner is served, I sit next to my brother.

At dinner, we have a lot of food like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, Italian wedding soup, bread, sweet potatoes, gravy, salad, cranberry sauce, and mac and cheese. My favorite out of these items are the mashed potatoes. To drink there are options of lemonade, water, and soda. I drink lemonade. For dessert there are options of apple pie, pumpkin pie, different kinds of cakes. My favorite was the cake.

We do this family tradition called “I am thankful for…” which is you guessing who said and wrote what they were thankful for. We play this as a big family. When we come to Thanksgiving, we all bring gifts. Then, we play a game called “White Elephant”. This is where you pick a number out of a hat and whichever number you get that’s the gift you get. It’s super fun to do with my family and the gifts are sometimes very helpful or funny to us. I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving is as awesome as mine will be. Gobble gobble!



Luke Davis

Millersville '25

Luke is a sophomore Special Education major at Millersville University. In addition to Her Campus, Luke is also involved in Navigators, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Early Childhood Organization, Color of Teaching, and Best Buddies. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, hiking, and working with children.