Was Slime Time Live A Fever Dream?

When I ask people if they remember Slime Time Live, it’s split between people who say “oh yeah! I forgot about that show!” and “what was that?” Sometimes I forgot that the show even existed myself.

Slime Time Live was a show that ran on Nickelodeon from 2000 to 2003. It was filmed at Nickelodeon Studios (RIP) at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Slime Time Live is hard to describe - it’s like a mixture of Wipeout and Jeopardy but with slime. I have a vague memory of the show and honestly, I wish it was back, it sounds fun.

Oh yeah, my sister and I were also on the show. It was around 2002, I was five-years-old and all I remember is being so excited to get slimed and I kept mistaking Stevie Brock, who was the musical guest according to my sister, for Aaron Carter. I remember when it was a commercial break and they said that the audience can move down to the front row to get slimed and I scooted down to the front row as fast as my five-year-old self could scoot. Being slimed was an interesting experience, all I remember is it being cold, which was fine because it was a million degrees in Florida. When the show was done, we were slimed, and my sister won roller blades, which is pretty rad for a ten-year-old.

The last thing I remember is the fact that the slime stained my pink capris that I was wearing.

I’ve been trying to find the episode that me and my sister were on but it’s like it never happened, so were we really on the show? Did we just imagine it? Where we so hot and sweaty from the Florida sun that we have a fever dream about it?

All images courtesy of Giphy.com