Victoria Hodges: Killer Curls

I had the awesome experience of being able to meet Victoria Hodges and ask her some questions about herself. For starters, when we very first met, I instantly noticed that she was a very humble person and her energy was so wonderful to be around. She is a junior here at Millersville studying Sociology and Criminology. One day she has hopes to be an FBI agent or to work with the government. Previous to her decision of Sociology and Criminology, she was an Education major then a Business major.

The first question I asked Victoria was “What Do You Love About Yourself Most?” This is always a hard question for anyone to answer, but I challenged her to try. Victoria explained to me her favorite characteristic was her curls. I couldn’t agree more. She has beautiful, blonde bouncy curls. She tames her hair with Tresemme. She shared that idealistically she would love to use the brand Xmondo. Xmondo was created by a YouTuber named Brad Mondo, but due to being a college student, expenses are a thing (and we’re all broke lol).

The next question I asked was, “Who has influenced you the most?” She said that her parents have been the biggest influencers for her. Her dad worked nightshift, so he was able to spend time with her family. She told that when she was little, her dad worked for American airlines and he got her a Taylor Swift autograph! In addition to her father's influences, she explained that her mom works with people who have special needs and this requires a lot of patience.

The last questions I had asked Victoria were two quick fun ones. The first of the two was, “If you could be in any tv show, what would it be?” She said The Vampire Diaries, because of the hot dudes in it (of course). The final question was, “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?” Victoria said that she would rather live in a hut in Hawaii than anywhere in PA.

I am so happy that Her Campus allows for me to continually meet all these awesome people. A thank you to Victoria for allowng me to interview her! Check out some of her writing here.