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What I would do for a slobbery kiss from one of these fluff balls! Who doesn't want a fluffy cuddle buddy at all times, am I right? Check out this article to know my top 5 favorite dog breeds! Give your heart a little warmth after a long day of work!


This is BY FAR my favorite type of dog. They are protective, smart, and great at playing games. Who doesn't love those little spots!

Golden Retriever

Very close second with the typical golden retriever. So loveable and so cute! Makes for the perfect pictures and the perfect play date. I hope you like long haired animals!


I have always wanted a pug. Look how wrapped up and cozy he looks! Having a pug gives me the "baby fever" type of vibes where I just want to grab there cheeks and talk about how cute and tiny they are!


Everyone is a sucker for a beautiful husky. Wouldn't you love to feel protected at all times? I just want to pet those cute little ears and give it a big smootch! 


Finally, the big ol' mastiff's. I just love how droopy and extra skin they have around their face. It makes them that much cuter, but does give off a lot more slobber. Can't have a dog without its traces, am I right??

Now now now... don't be searching to make a purchase. Your mother could get mad! Or is that just me?? 

After looking at these pictures, my heart is warm and full of "awe's". 

I hope you enjoyed the top 5 dog breeds!

HCXO, Kate Steinhilber

Kate Steinhilber

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