Tips For Finding Your Lost Inspiration

Has school, work, and homework sucked your inspiration from you? Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s already hard enough to juggle everything together but add writing or drawing or your creative outlet into the mix and suddenly it feels like everything is falling out of your hands. It’s hard to set aside time to sit down and write or play guitar or watercolor paint. And the worst thing in the world is when you finally find time and you sit down and nothing happens. Plenty of times I have sat down with my favorite pen in my hand and thought to myself “This is it- the perfect time to write. Let’s go,” and NOTHING HAPPENS. It’s like every other aspect of my life has built up a wall around the creative part of my brain and won’t let me through. Personally, I despise this feeling so I am here to help you not feel blocked. Here are some of my favorite tips for when you need inspiration.

Read a book

This is so simple, yet so helpful. Read a new book from a genre you love to write or reread your favorite book. Sometimes it helps to see others doing what you love to kickstart your creative drive again. Sometimes I find myself reading a really cheesy story and while I read, I think about how I would change the plot to make it more my speed. This can also help an idea for a story bloom in your head!

Go to a museum

Again, sometimes all you need is to see someone else’s interpretation, idea, or work in action. Maybe you go downtown to the local art museum or plan a trip to visit the MoMA. Think about the colors you see when you’re there and the way the pieces make you feel. How can you make people feel the same way with your work? Making mental (or even physical) notes about the art you see around you and allowing yourself to be surrounded by art is a great way to get an inspiring idea.

Go for a walk

Sometimes all it takes is seeing the things around us in a different way. Slowly walk by the places you rush by on your way to class. Take it all in. How do the trees look? How does the air feel against your face? If you can, sit down at a park bench and just breathe. Take a moment to lose yourself in nature. Maybe you’ll find a poem hidden amongst the grass or sidewalk.

Join a club that makes you write (Thanks Her Campus) 

It can be hard to push yourself to write, so it can help to have someone else push you. Joining Her Campus has helped encourage me to write articles every other week, keeping my writing fever burning. It also helps to meet other writers. Whether or not they share the same interests as you, it can be beneficial to talk to others about their writing processes and how they find inspiration. Plus, you can set up some writing workshops/dates with the members of the club!

Use social media to your advantage 

Social media can sometimes be a distraction when it comes to setting time aside to create. Instead, use social media as an aid in inspiration! Create a board on Pinterest or a saved collection on Instagram of inspiring photographs, quotes, art pieces, and more that spark something in you. The best part is that you can always go back and look at the things you saved. 

Inspiration can be hard to find, so when you do find it, run with it! Create something new. I hope these tips help you stay inspired and creating because we need more creativity in this dreary world. 

HCXO, Hannah



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