Tinder and Bumble and Hinge: OH MY

Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are all dating apps for a young hooligan like me. Just in time for Valentine’s Day is me and the ability to make a fool out of myself with boys I meet. One thing that I love about Tinder is that sometimes it actually works for it’s intended purpose.

In the age of technology, online dating surely is something that we knew was going to become popular before eHarmony made its presence famous. The trouble with online dating comes in the primary fact that it is online. I can’t say that I have had a boyfriend that I’ve met in person since high school. The general issue with our generation is that we want things done fast and conveniently. Thus, Tinder was born! In a few quick seconds you can make a judgement on people around you and decide if a person is worth your coveted right swipe. The issue with Tinder is that it has changed from its original purpose. Instead of being used as a dating app, it is now an easy app to use to find hookups. People like me, who are looking for a relationship, often don’t have luck with Tinder. I've come to find that Bumble is better for actually dating than Tinder.

Bumble on the other hand makes it easier for shy girls like me to make the first move. After matching with someone, I scroll through the options of pre-made pickup lines. I like really corny and cheesy pickup lines. I genuinely do like them, but when I have to make the first move, my lines suddenly aren’t funny. Nevertheless, I get a boost of confidence when I am the one who has to make the first move. I definitely understand why men get so stressed out when they want to talk to a girl. The reason Bumble gives women the chance to make the first move is because of the Making Moves Impact. Every time a woman makes the first move on a guy, Bumble makes a donation to a woman in the world who is making moves in her community. I have made 128 first moves towards my personal goal of supporting economic development. Bumble is a really good and empowering company when you take a look at its core. That is what I like about it.

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After I got my hopes up and was consequently let down, a friend told me some really great advice. It was that I’m a beautiful girl and I could get guys if I wanted to, but not every person is looking for the same type of commitment that I am. This is a really true statement and it cleared my mentality that I was going into online dating with. Sometimes meeting someone online really works. I don’t think that dating apps are the devil. I mean, I just met someone on Tinder and went on a great date with them! Obviously, they work. Online dating is here to stay even if it is a whole new playing field for some people. I will definitely keep using them and never learn my lesson. Maybe one day I will have a success story about meeting my husband on a dating app. Dating apps have their pros and cons as anything does. It is simply just about trial and error. Whether you're like me and can never decide if you want to be single or in a relationship, one day you too will find love if that's what you want. I am still waiting for my Prince Tinder Charming.



Side Note: The best movies for Galentine's Day on Netflix are Someone Great, Revenge of the Bridesmaids, and Wine Country. Do what you'd like with that information :)

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