Three Easy DIYs For Your Apartment

Here are some amazing DIY decor ideas for your apartment. 

Wooden Crate Television Stand

For this DIY all you need is four wooden crates. You can find these cheap for about $6 dollars each at If you would like them extra sturdy, you can nail them together. However, they should be just fine on their own. This unique television stand can double as storage as well for movies, books, or picture frames.

Recycled Storage Containers 

Reduce, reuse, recycle! For this DIY all you need is some empty plastic containers and some paint. Your cupboards will look much less crowded if you resort to reusing these containers for storage. To make them more appealing, paint them your favorite color or a neutral grey/tan. Also, label the containers so you, or any guests, are able to see exactly what is in there without opening it. 

Mug Rack

We all have that dreaded cabinet in our kitchen that is stuffed to the brim with coffee mugs. In this DIY hack we are freeing up that cabinet for you. You will need a piece of wood that is 18in x 36in and 32 wall hooks. First, you out line and mark were each of the 32 holes will go on the board. Then, take a power drill and put holes into each of the out lines. Last, fill the holes with the wall hooks. You can hang this anywhere in your kitchen for a great way to keep your mugs from cluttering up. 


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