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I am currently back in my hometown which means I am back at Dunkin’ for work. I have been working at Dunkin’ for almost four years now. I started when I was just 16 and I plan to continue working there until I have graduated from college. I know that many may not know much about coffee, espresso, or how to order something from Dunkin’, so I am here to help. 


Did you want your beverage iced but got it hot? 

When ordering at Dunkin’ through the drive-thru, we do not always ask for specifics since we are an express drive-thru and want to make sure to get our customers in and out as fast as possible for quick service. When you are ordering a coffee or any other beverage that can be either iced or hot, and you say, “I want a small coffee…” but do not specify whether it is hot or iced, we automatically ring it in as hot. The default setting for all of our beverages is hot. This also goes for lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and americanos. 

The same type of structure is used when a customer does not specify what size they would like to have. If you order a beverage without naming a size, you are automatically given a medium. So, if you want a certain size, make sure you tell us this information, and we will be happy to give it to you!

The sizes we have for iced coffees are: small, medium, and large.

The sizes we have for hot coffees are: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Tip: It is easiest for us to take your order when you name what size you would like first. 


Did you want your coffee to have a certain flavor or cream and sugar in it?

When you do not specify what you want in your hot or iced coffees, we give it to you black. A black coffee is a coffee without any dairy products in it, such as cream or milk. We do not automatically put cream or sugar in our coffees unless you specifically ask for it. So, if you just order an iced coffee with mocha in it, you will only receive mocha in it, nothing else. That coffee is considered a black iced coffee with mocha. If you just order a hot coffee with sugar, you will only receive sugar in it.


What do I call the pudding filled/icing filled donuts?

Boston creme: yellow pudding filling, chocolate topped

Bavarian creme: yellow pudding filling, powdered

New Yorker: white icing filling (angel creme), chocolate topped 

Vanilla creme: white icing filling, powdered 



A picture of a drink and donut from dunkin.

What is the difference between flavor shots and swirls?

At Dunkin’, we have different types of flavors that you can add to any of our drinks. Our flavor shots are unsweetened flavors. For the store I work at, these include: hazelnut, vanilla, toasted almond, coconut, blueberry, raspberry. The swirls are sweetened syrupy flavors which include: hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, and mocha. We also get seasonal flavors in, for example, the pumpkin swirl for fall and the Girl Scout Cookie flavors like Thin Mint. 

Notice how we have hazelnut and vanilla as a swirl and a shot. When ordering, if you want a flavor swirl but you do not specify that you want the swirl, you will get a flavor shot. For example, if you ask for a vanilla or a hazelnut coffee, you will be given the unsweetened flavor shot. For example, if you want the swirl in an iced coffee, ask for a vanilla swirl iced coffee or a hazelnut swirl iced coffee. You can also combine different flavors together, including the shots and swirls. For example, I love the mixture of caramel swirl and the toasted almond flavor shot together. 

Tip: We do not have flavored creamers. We have either unsweetened flavor shots or sweetened swirls. 


How many pumps of flavor, sugar, sweeteners, and dairy product are put in each beverage?

Flavor – Small: 2, Medium: 3, Large: 4

Sugar – Small: 2, Medium: 3, Large: 4

Dairy product (cream, whole milk, skim milk, almond milk) – Small: 2, Medium: 3, Large: 4

Sweeteners (Splenda, Sweet-and-low, Equal) – 1 for all sizes unless you specify a certain number you would like.

Tip: You will be charged extra for every additional flavor SWIRL that you ask for. 


Lattes and other espresso beverages:

Lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos are all made with espresso and milk. NOT cream. These beverages should never be made with cream or creamer. Cream is all milk-fat, and you will most likely become sick from consuming so much as these beverages are made up mostly from milk. Iced coffee can have cream added to it, but lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos are not made with cream. Dunkin’ has three different types of milk available: whole, skim, and almond.

The exception to this rule is an americano. An americano is espresso and hot or cold water. Cream can be added to this beverage. 

A picture of different beverages from Dunkin\'

Other helpful tips:

– When ordering a half dozen/dozen donuts, please let us know that you are getting that amount before picking out your donuts. Otherwise, we will have to start your order over. We ring in individual donuts, half dozens, and dozens in differently. 

– Munchkins can be ordered individually, by a 10 count, a 25 count, or a 50 count. 

– If you want a bagel toasted, please specify that you would like it toasted while ordering. For our store, if you do not mention that you want a bagel toasted, it will come untoasted. 

– Not all Dunkin’s have the same products. Some may have certain donuts, sandwiches and beverages that others do not. 


Hopefully this made it a bit easier to know how to order at Dunkin’! The easier it is for you to order, the easier it is for us to serve you! Also, for right now, stay safe and stay inside as much as possible! Dunkin’ will still be here when this is all over. 


HCXO, Kasidy

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