Things to do when you are alone

We all have those times when our friends are busy and you are stuck alone. If you are anything like me you like to be busy and spend time with your friends but everyone has things going in their life and can’t always be there to spend time with you. When you are alone here are some things you can do. 


Try a new recipe

I had been wanting to try eggplant Parmesan but knew it was a process to make (and a huge mess). That is exactly what I did I turned up the tunes and got to cooking not caring about the mess that I was going to make.  

Build a puzzle

Go to the store and get a puzzle (most of them are less then $10.00) and a tri-fold display board so you have a surface to build it on and have fun. Plus when you complete it you can put mod-podge over top of it and hang it up. Not only is it fun but it can also function as décor.


Have a movie marathon

Curl up on the couch and put on a movie that you love or a series of movies that you like to watch and relax, or possibly work on schoolwork. Who doesn't love watching a bunch of girly movies or Harry Potter. 

Pamper yourself 

Take a bath, do a facemask, paint your nails, take a nap, journal, read that book that has been on your nightstand for months. Focus on you for a little while. 

Do one or all of these ideas when your friends are busy. A few weekends ago I was alone since all my friends had planned and let me say it was kinda nice to spend sometime with myself and do what I wanted to do on my own schedule. 

All images courtesy of Pinterest