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They Aren’t Just Their Clothes: Kate and Megan’s Accomplishments In Anything Other Than Fashion

Many people marry up, but Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle outdid us all by marrying into the British royal family. Both have had their fair share of time in front of cameras, and have probably had more articles and newsreels about their fashion choices than any other royal (or person) in the world.

It is really fun to talk about clothes and get obsessed over the next royal wedding dress, but in 2019, women are WAY more than their clothes, and they deserve recognition. Here are some amazing accomplishments Kate and Meghan have achieved in their lifetime.


Kate is a champion of mental health awareness

Working with children is something the Duchess has been photographed doing several times over the course of her royal life. But more importantly, she has started initiatives that focus on improving the mental health of children at early stages.


Meghan donated her wedding dress fund to the homeless

Instead of going by tradition and using the crown’s funds to purchase an expensive gown, Meghan donated the money allocated to her for her wedding dress to the homeless in Windsor. “For many years,” she said about the donation according to NewsThump.com. “The Royal family has been criticized for putting the costs of its own pompous sense of self-importance before the needs of the people who lack the most basic essentials. The statement that I am making today is that, whilst national traditions and customs are vitally important to this country and the people in it, it will no longer be at the expense of the very people that we are supposed to represent.” 


Kate did charity work in Chile before starting college

After graduating high school, Kate went to Chile for a 10-week expedition, working with the organization Raleigh International, a charity program dedicated to sustainable development. The charity, established in 1984, works to improve access to water and sanitation as well as help vulnerable people and the environment, according to Express.co.uk.


Meghan changed a sexist commercial slogan at just 11 years old

At the age of just 11, Meghan saw a commercial on TV for dish soap with a slogan reading “women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.” Two boys in her class shouted “yeah, that’s where women belong. In the kitchen.” Outraged, Megan wrote letters to, then, First Lady, Hillary Clinton, her local news station, and to attorney Gloria Allred. To her surprise, she received letters back from everyone she wrote too, and got the tagline changed to “people” instead of “women.”


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