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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Friend Group

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December is finally here which means it’s time to bring in the holiday season! I know my love language toward my loved ones is gift-giving, so I thrive during this time of year! I feel so much joy from carefully selecting gifts out for my friends and family members, knowing it will put a smile on their faces. For whatever holiday you celebrate, here is the ultimate gift guide for each person in your friend group! If you don’t know what to ask for this year, find which friend you are for some wish list inspiration. Here we go:

for the mom friend

A great gift for a mom friend is an “in case of emergency” kit full of over-the-counter medicine, gum, stain remover sticks, toothpaste, lint rollers, band-aids, tissues, hand sanitizer, and anything a friend may need! This gift will allow the mom friend to feel loved since you know she has a nurturing side and cares for her loved ones. She is able to use this gift to fulfill her love language and be there in case of any emergencies a friend may face when they are over at her house. Bonus points if you fill a caddy like the one below with all of the supplies to make it easily accessible and all in one place.

for the fashionista friend

Oversized blazers are in right now, and they are versatile–your friend can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion! She can dress a blazer down for casually running errands or going to brunch, like below. She can also dress a blazer up with pleather pants or a business dress for a professional event or work attire. I would stick with one with neutral colors or a basic pattern so she can mix and match it with multiple outfits and color schemes. Target, H&M, Kohl’s, and consignment stores have many options!

for the plant lover

For the plant friend, you can never go wrong with a cute plant mister! This one is from Urban Outfitters. A plant mister holds water and allows you to spray your plants to mist them. Many houseplants love high-humidity environments, such as evergreens, palms, and ferns. This will be a perfect addition to your plant-lover friend’s collection of tools to spread love to her plants. It also makes for a cute decoration to sit on a coffee table or in a kitchen.

for the cozy gal

If you have a friend who falls into the “cozy gal” category, she will love anything soft and comfy! Candles, a fuzzy holiday blanket, or fuzzy socks are always great gifts for this friend! You could even make a little bundle in a storage container or basket like the picture below. When trying to pick out a gift for this friend, imagine her in sweatpants cuddled up on the couch and items she would appreciate using during her downtime.

for the positive friend

A gift that will carry a lot of meaning for the positive friend is a bracelet from The Little Words Project. They are a bracelet company founded by a woman named Adriana Carrig who wanted to create a brand that served a greater purpose beyond selling bracelets. Their mission is to pay kindness forward, one bracelet at a time. Even if you don’t purchase your friend a gift from this company, she will love any item with a positive quote or word on it as a reminder for her to continue to love herself and spread that love to others.

for the friend who’s always stressed

If you have a friend who has a busy schedule and always seems to be stressed, it is time to gift her some self-care. This is the friend who pours so much into other people in her life and her job that she needs time to reward herself. Lavender is known to stimulate relaxation and sleep. It calms the body and soothes the skin. If you gift her a lavender bath or spa kit, she will be able to use a bath bomb, bath salts, sugar scrub, pillow spray, or essential oils for some “me time.”

for the hostess with the “mostess”

If you have a friend who loves to host friends and family over, she will love the gift of a nice charcuterie board. If you can find one that fits her personality or has a special saying engraved on it, it will hold even more meaning to her when she uses it to have guests over. With this gift, she can continue to pour into the lives of her own loved ones by using it to lay out food and treats on. It is a gift she will reuse multiple times, and it will not wear out.

for the funny friend

A gift your funny friend is sure to appreciate is a comedic notepad! The company Knock Knock has a ton of funny notepads to choose from, whether it be a passive-aggressive note or an “all out of” shopping list. These notepads are sure to make your funny friend laugh. She will enjoy using these and incorporating some comedy into her everyday routine.

I hope you find this ultimate gift guide helpful for your holiday shopping! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season once the semester ends! <3



Rachel Ritchey

Millersville '22

Rachel Ritchey is a senior public relations major at Millersville University. Rachel is the President of the Millersville University Her Campus Chapter. She is also the PR Chair of the All Campus Musical Organization and a member of Navigators. She is passionate about type 1 diabetes awareness, women empowerment, social media management, music, mental health, and self-care. ♡