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The “Land of Lola” Comes to Lancaster’s Local Theater

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

“THE SEX IS IN THE HEEL!” Broadway’s Kinky Boots comes to Lancaster, Pennsylvania at the extravagant Fulton Theater! I had the privilege of attending a Tuesday night show on a cool September evening with my fellow Living-Learning Community members at Millersville University. Here is a first-hand review of my thoughts on the colorful show. 

When I think of the show Kinky Boots, I think of one of my idols, Todrick Hall. He played the main character Lola in the Broadway showing a few years ago. Lola can be described as a sassy, bad-ass, one of a kind gal. Todrick is a great candidate for Lola and if you don’t believe me, read the reviews! 

When we first meet Lola, she reveals herself to the song “Land of Lola”, which is my new favorite song! At once, I was hooked on the costume designs, the glam, the glitter, the melody and the lights. Originally I thought this show wasn’t going to be as “kinky” as the title implies. Instead, I thought it would be a story where it starts off sad, before intermission it seems like things are going great and so on. BUT OH, HOW I WAS WRONG! Sex, sex, sex! Sex sells as they say, and boy isn’t that the truth. 

Did you know that the actor playing Lola/Simon at Fulton Theater’s production is the actual star of those characters on BROADWAY!? When you receive your Playbill and read the biographies, it tells you exactly where he came before here. His name is Stephane Duret and man oh man is he talented. I cried, I laughed, I said “yassssss” so many times you would have thought it was June!

My last few thoughts for this incredible performance are honestly, I am speechless. I am a big Broadway enthusiast who wants to check off lots of shows off my list and I never thought Kinky Boots would be one. The story portrayed is so heartfelt yet so ecstatic that you have a good feeling of whiplash. Listening to the soundtrack every day gives me that boost of confidence I need to get myself to class, raise my self-esteem, and overall makes me feel like a queen. I rate this show FIVE STARS for sure, no questions asked. Check it out! 


Ace Freed

Millersville '26

Ace Freed is a freshman at Millersville University. They will be debuting their creative work starting this fall at MUHC! Ace studies Speech Communication Theatre and hopes to make it to Broadway. Currently, Ace is our chapter's VP and Editor in Chief. Check out their work!