Ten Fun Things To Do With Your Friends

I was with my bestie the other day trying to figure out what we were going to do do for fun. As much as I love our routine going to Sheetz and eating food in her car while we jam out to the Backstreet Boys... we both know that’s something we don’t wan to to do every time we see each other. So while we were trying to figure out what we were going to do I realized it takes so long, and by the time we figure out what we want to do, she or I have to go. So I decided to make a list of things that you can do with your bestie if you all are bored and need ideas!

  1. 1. Thrifting 👜

    A picture of clothes on racks at a clothing store

    One of my favorite things to do nowadays is going thrifting, especially with a friend. It’s so fun to go and dress up in clothes from the 90s, 80s, or even 70s, and if you go with the BFF, then it could be a great photo opp! Not to mention you might find things you actually like. Also, you and your friend are your best opinionators. You both know what looks good on each other, and they will make sure that you don’t buy four straw hats when you really don’t need them.

  2. 2. Road Trip 📌

    Person Pointing at Black and Gray Film Camera Near Macbook Pro

    Road trips can be as little as going to a park or as big as another city! Taking a road trip with your friends could be exciting. You’re exploring somewhere new with people that will make that memory even more special. And you have an amazing chance to make a slammin' road trip playlist. 😉

  3. 3. Photo Shoot 📷

    Friends Getting Ready 2

    Photo shoots are so fun when it comes to taking them with your best friend because there’s no pressure. You all can take funny pictures and even some for the gram. With photo shoots you can pretty much go or do anything. You can go to the park, a flower shop, diner, or even your college campus. There’s so much you can do with this activity that the possibilities are endless!

  4. 4. Grocery Shopping 🛒

    a woman sits in a red shopping cart in the middle of a store

    Now I know how this sounds… grocery shopping? But hear me out; instead of going to buy groceries by yourself having a miserable time, take a friend. Maybe even go to a store that you haven’t gone to yet, and see what new and interesting things you can find. You both will encourage each other to try new things that the other swears by, and it just makes the process way more fun.

  5. 5. Try New Foods 🍕

    Breakfast food

    You and your best friend might have a regular place that you go to all the time, but maybe it’s time to try something new! If you’re craving pizza, burritos, or noodles, type it into Google maps and look for a different restaurant or diner. There’s so many more places to explore that you and your friend can have fun with. Who knows you just might find the best burger in town!

  6. 6. Watch a Random Movie 🎬

    Movies image

    Whether it’s Netflix, Disney +, or a small movie theater, there will always be something to watch. Maybe there’s an anticipated movie that you and your friends have been dying to watch, but if you all can’t decide what you want to see, then leave it up to chance! Pick a random movie by asking Siri, flipping a coin, rolling a dice... etc. If only there was a movie generator.

  7. 7. Go to a Carnival or Fair 🎡

    All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

    In true To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before fashion, going to a carnival or fair in your hometown is pretty fun. Maybe it’s too cold right now and there’s not anything going on at the moment, but rest assured when springtime and warm weather approaches, so will all the fun carnival rides like a ferris wheel or bumper cars. Going with your friends it’s just an added bonus, kind of like a Victoria Justice music video.

  8. 8. Bake 🧁

    Cake Friends Dessert Love Heartbreak Breakup

    Craving some sweet desserts? Confetti cake calling your name? Perhaps a batch of brownies with some ice cream? Well instead of going out and buying these things, you and your friends can make them at home and have a great time doing it. And if all else fails: there’s delivery. 

  9. 9. DIY ✂️

    craft table

    Head to AC Moore or Michaels craft store and pick up anything you want to customize like a T-shirt, or a tote, maybe even a bowl! You and your friend can make matching outfits while letting your creativity run wild. Heck, you can even follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial. It’s up to you because this activity has no end.

  10. 10. Makeover 💄

    various makeup utensils

    And last but not least, try a makeover. That’s right... grab your palettes, fun lip colors, and don't forget to bring the make up wipes because it’s time to try all those crazy colors in your eyeshadow palette on your friends face. This is especially fun if you grab an eye mask and make this a blindfolded makeover. Then you’ll both see how wonderfully horrible you can do make up.

No matter what you do, have fun and love every minute of it!

HCXO, Valentina