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We all want to get a little creative sometimes. Here are some fun and easy things to do that can require some materials to get started. Once you have the tools start creating. I believe you will make something great and have fun doing it!

Make Earrings

Making earrings is a new and popular trend I have been seeing on Tik Tok. It looks super fun! You can literally put anything you want on an earring. 

Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is a creative way to doodle and also have plans organized. This will help you stay motivated to do work especially if you enjoy color coding things, or drawing.

Tie Dye a Clothing Item

Tie dye is a nice activity to do outside. You can turn an old plain shirt into something more fashionable. It can be done with bleach or a tie dye kit you can get from Micheals, AC Moore or somewhere online.

Paint on Canvas or Shoes

It is easy to start painting once you have the materials you need. Recently, I painted a pair of old canvas shoes. It was pretty cool to see them go from generic/store-bought to something I made.

Make a Collage or Scrapbook

Making collages is so awesome because you can use pictures of your fondest memories, adventures, family and friends. You can print out pictures at your local CVS or Walgreens and start scrapbooking away!

Track your Dreams in a Notebook

Writing down what you dreamt the night before opens a whole new world of opportunity and creativity. A good tip to use is that if you want to remember what you dreamt about, drink a glass of water before you sleep and when you wake up.

Write Poetry

Poetry can take many forms from collage style, black out poetry, sonnets, haikus, long verse, rhyme schemes. This is something fun and simple. All you need is paper and a writing untensil, or even your laptop and keyboard works just fine.

Color pages in a coloring book

There are also some apps to to use if you want to make some art but not bring out all your art supplies. It is great to color in between doing productive things to give your brain a break.

Do Nail Art

Nail polish is always in fashion. There are a ton of resources like vidoes and pictures to help you get started with nail art and design. 

Embroider Something

I have not tried this one. I love the look of little embroidered pieces on your favorit top or jeans. It adds spice and personality.

I hope this helped you get some ideas. There are endless possibilities to create something beautiful!

HCXO, Sharon

Sharon Curcuru

Millersville '20

Sharon is a marine biology major who enjoys the beach and writing poems, short stories, articles, and journal writing.. She also loves nature, hiking and animals. Sustianability topics, love, and LGBTQ plus are topics near and dear to her heart.
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