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Name: Emily Pearse

What sorority are you in?  Alpha Sigma Tau

What made you join? Since the second I came into college, I knew that I wanted to join a sorority. The minute I walked into the room of Alpha Sigma Tau during recruitment, I knew that I wanted to be in Alpha Sigma Tau. I joined a sorority to find my home away from home.

“This was when I announced I was running home to Alpha Sigma Tau!”

Tell me about your philanthropy? This year, Alpha Sigma Tau just adopted a new philanthropy called Women’s Wellness Initiative. There are six different aspects of it that we all focus on to better ourselves but focus greatly on one aspect: occupational wellness. With that being said, we are working closely with the organization Dress for Success for women and are all super excited to say the least.

What’s something you will take away from this sorority? I will take away all the experiences that the amazing people and opportunities have given me throughout my time in college. 

How is your chapter different than others? I believe that every chapter in this world is different because every individual is uniquely different. Together we all bring our different qualities together and bring out the best in each other. We have the highest GPA in Greek life on campus and are always striving to the fullest.

What values does the sorority promote? There are five core values of Alpha Sigma Tau. These values include intellect, excellence, graciousness, respect, and connections.

What are you going to miss the most when you graduate?  Something that I will miss the most when I graduate is having all my sisters close to me whenever I may need one of them. It is going to be quite hard when I am not able to wake up every morning with my two roommates, who are also in Alpha Sigma Tau, by my side. It is also going to be quite hard not having the chance to see my big or little every single day. There are many things that Alpha Sigma Tau has given me that I will miss tremendously when I graduate.  

What is the one thing this sorority has helped you improve on? One thing that Alpha Sigma Tau has helped me improve on is my leadership skills. The positions that I have upheld have allowed me to be in situations that I have never been put in before. I have learned patience at a different level and understanding to the fullest. I have had the chance to hold a few different leadership positions that will all help me differently throughout my life.

What is your favorite event to attend as a sorority? My favorite event to attend is Greek Week. This is a week when the entire Greek life of Millersville University comes together for an entire week of fun. This week is so rewarding and fun in so many different aspects.

*All photos courtesy of Emily Pearse

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