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Every college student, at one point or another, has probably wondered how to add to that sagging bank account. Paying for college is expensive and even just paying for other costs like food and textbooks adds up quickly. I wanted to highlight a few side hustles that are perfect for college students with busy/bizarre schedules.

First up is date night babysitting. This is a great way to work nights without being forced into long, consistent work shifts. This can be scheduled on your own schedule and be as frequent or spontaneous as you would like. I like to switch up which families I see for date night so that everything stays fun and fresh. The kids I see are amazing and it honestly doesn’t even feel like a job a lot of the time. 

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Second, is pet-sitting. This sometimes goes hand-in-hand with babysitting because oftentimes when families head on trips they trust you to care for their home and pets so you are their first contact. Pet-sitting pays well and you can multitask or continue working other jobs while you dog-sit. Plus who doesn’t love a little extra cat cuddles and puppy kisses in their life?

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Third, substituting and tutoring are quick, easy money. This is a job that may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy kids it could be an option for you. Work time is short time frames which makes it flexible. Also, tutoring is usually late afternoon/early evening which is perfect if you have daytime college classes. The content is typically pretty easy and just a quick study and brush-up on your own knowledge will do wonders for those students who are struggling with their grade-level content. 

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Fourth up is becoming an online shopper/driver around your area. There are tons of jobs where you can make quick money literally whenever you want. For me, I loved doing Instacart. Shopping is fun for me and running errands, such as grocery shopping, truly doesn’t feel like work. I like getting to see what other people are shopping for and it actually gave me ideas for new things to try myself! Other areas that are popular for college students include Uber and Lyft. While I have never driven for either service, I have used Uber and had all great experiences! It is just so convenient when you are in crowded areas like a city. I also have loved running errands or doing housework for families too. This has been for my current nannying families but you can also find random assignments on websites such as TaskRabbit. 

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Another one I have had personal success with is starting my own personal small business selling handmade things at crafting events and maker’s markets. I have made about 500 dollars profit just on making earrings alone. An added bonus, I now have a vast collection of cute earrings that are perfect for my teacher closet. My mom and I sell things together, but some of the things we make include bookmarks, shirts, stickers, journals, notepads, and earrings. 

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Last but not least, Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). This is perfect for college students pursuing an education major. Teachers or soon-to-be teachers can upload their lessons and activities and get paid for something they are going to use themselves anyway. TPT is great for creative students who produce quality lessons and want to share them with others. You can post for free and you can also charge a fee for people to view and download your digital content. It is amazing to see the work you were doing regardless start turning a profit for you. In conclusion, save all those activities and lesson plans!

In conclusion, you have no excuse to be a broke college student! Try some of these side hustles in your free time and I hope the best for you. I can back up that these are accessible opportunities if you put the effort in! Also, I have been there and it gets easier to multi-task as a college student I promise!

Madison Glatfelter

Millersville '24

Madi is a senior at Millersville majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in General English. Some of her hobbies include playing volleyball, nannying for families, and participating in ECHO and KDP on campus. Madi is passionate about school-work-life balance, relationships, organization, self-care, and life/school hacks.