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1.)-The Harry Potter series

This series consists of 7 books that were also adapted into 8 movies. It follows a 13 year old boy that lost his parents at a young age finding out that he is a wizard. He gets thrown into a world of wizard school while investigating and realizing that someone killed his parents and was trying to come back and kill him too. Every year gets harder and harder for him and closer to the time that Lord Voldemort comes back and tries to kill him. It leads to a big fight from the dark side and Harry’s side where it comes out that Harry wins and Lord Voldemort is finally dead. 

I ranked this series as number one as it is also a childhood memory of mine. I enjoyed reading this book with a friend that introduced me to the series and that led us to having sit downs talking about it, and taking trips to Universal to see the Harry Potter universe with rides, and where I got my first wand. This also won number one as the movies were better than the number two movies. I also think that a good book needs good movies to go along with it. 

2.)-The Percy Jackson Series 

This series consists of 5 books of the main story line following a 12 year old boy that is the creation from a God and a normal human, who is known as a demigod. Through the first book he finds out that he is part-god with water related magical powers. Over the series he learns how to use his powers while doing some quests. The series ends with a big fight and then eventually leads to a second series that introduces the Roman demi-gods. These books now consist of the Greeks and the Romans over the course of 5 books working together to help save the world. 

I ranked this series number two as it brings a lot of childhood memories back to me. Me and an old friend bonded over this book. I also just really enjoy the series and  reading about a boy that finally figures out why he was so different then every other kid and uses that difference to help people. The only bad thing about it which led to the number two ranking is that the movies were terrible.  

3.)-The I Survived Series 

This series consists of a lot of books with a boy that survives through a lot of historic events and lives to tell the tale of it. Some of the books include that he survived Pompeii, 9/11, the Titanic, Pearl Harbor, and many other historic disasters. 

This got ranked at number three just because it got repetitive with how many times that he survived a disaster but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt because it taught many kids like me the history of those events. So that pulled it up to number three. These books also got me very heavily into history. 

4.)-The Magic Tree House Series 

The Magic Tree House is a series of a lot of books that take two siblings, Jack and Annie Smith, going on many different adventures with a magic tree house. The magic tree house takes them back into time to help solve mysteries.

This series got ranked at number four just because it is also repetitive in what the series is about and I also don’t like that they try to solve a mystery because I watched The Butterfly Effect and I know that one small thing can turn into something huge. 

5.)-The Junie B. Jones Series

This series follows a 6 year old girl with her adventures through kindergarten and first grade. This series gets a lot of hate because of the main character not being good role model for the children that are reading the books.

I ranked this series number five because I didn’t like the character or the books.

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