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The Pros and Cons of Spring Break

Thank whatever deities you believe in, because spring break is finally here! We were all looking forward to it, to going home and getting a break from classes, but we all have to admit that there are both pros and cons to being on break. Here are some of the ones that affect most of us!

Pro: No Classes!For a whole week, there’s no stress of getting up early for class, forgetting homework, or dealing with a professor you don’t like.

Con: Your schedule gets messed up.

Your body has gotten into the routine of getting up early for class, so while you’re home, you can’t sleep in. Once your body adjusts and you’re able to sleep in, oh no! – it’s time to get up early for classes again.

Pro: You have time to catch up on or get ahead on work.

Some professors give overwhelming amounts of work to their students, and having a week of no due dates or classes gives you a chance to catch up on some of those big assignments.

Con: You’re stuck doing work over break.

Yeah, you wanna get ahead and get rid of those assignments, but who wants to spend their time off studying?

Pro: You get to see your family.

One of the hardest parts of going to college is not seeing your parents often. Spring break gives us a chance to spend more than a weekend with them.

Con: You miss your friends on campus.

Yeah, you spend a ton of time with your friends at school, but that just means that you get used to seeing them a lot. Being away from them for a whole week can be tough.

Pro: If you have a job on campus, you don’t have to work for a whole week!

Not only are you getting out of classes, but you’re getting out of work too! A whole week away from work-related responsibilities and annoying coworkers.

Con: You’re not getting paid for a week.

Even if you get paid biweekly, that’s half a paycheck you’re missing out on.

Pro: You have time to sit around, do nothing, and relax.

Even if we get the chance to sit and do nothing at college, it comes with a price – there’s always some kind of homework to be doing instead, and then you regret doing nothing when you get stuck working late later on.

Con: Other people you know are spending their breaks traveling while you’re doing nothing.

Some people spend spring break traveling across the country or around the world. Not all of us can afford to do that, and so we just watch their social media posts and feel crappy about not doing anything exciting over break.

Whatever you’re doing this spring break, let yourself relax a little! We all deserve it.

HCXO, Lola

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Lola Itzhaki

Millersville '19

Lola is currently a senior at Millersville University studying Early Childhood Education and has a love for art, music, plants, and coffee. Writing is something she has always loved, as well as traveling. A major goal of hers is to travel the whole way around the Earth and experience the different cultures across the world.
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