The Power of Live Music

On Sunday November 3, 2019, I was able to see my favorite band, Fleetwood Mac, live in concert. The emotional feeling I had throughout the performance had me thinking about the power that music has over us and the amazing feeling of finally hearing the songs you love so much performed in person. Whenever we love an artist, many of us would do almost anything to be able to see them live. Why is that? Why is hearing music live so much different than hearing it straight from the album? I have gone to a countless number of concerts throughout my life and none of them are exactly the same. When I was younger, sometimes I went to the concert of one of my parents’ favorite artists that I could not have cared less about, but I would always leave with a much deeper appreciation for the artist and their music. For example, when I was in high school, my parents and I went to see U2 for Father’s Day. I respected U2 but was not an avid listener or huge fan by any means, but that all changed after seeing them live. To this day, that is one of the best performances that I have ever seen. Bono lit up the stage and somehow turned their hit “Beautiful Day” into an emotional anthem for social justice and equality.

When artists talk about the meanings behind their songs, right before they play them with such emotion, it can completely change the song for you. When I saw the Lumineers, one of my all-time favorite bands, they performed their song “Charlie Boy.” Prior to this, I had always skipped that song as it was one of my least favorites. When introducing the song, the lead singer started talking of his Uncle Charlie, who gave up his bright future to join the war after hearing his president, John F. Kennedy, speak. He died fighting for his country. After his long speech about what a hero his uncle was and how what our leaders say truly matters, he began the song and I started to tear up almost immediately. The lyrics obviously meant so much to him and not a single word was out of place. It was one of the most beautiful performances I have ever seen. Now, I would not dare skip “Charlie Boy” whenever I get the chance to listen to it, especially the live version.

Like I previously said, Fleetwood Mac is my favorite band of all time, so I have wanted to see them live for my entire life. I love all of their songs and all of the members, but one song and one person mean more to me than the rest: Stevie Nicks and “Landslide.” I cannot remember a time I was not mesmerized by Stevie Nicks. I grew up singing “Landslide” and even went as her for Halloween when I was sixteen. She is my idol and means so much to me and I have dreamed of seeing her live ever since I can remember. “Landslide” is, in my opinion, the most simply stunning song every written. The lyrics mean so much to me but that meaning has evolved into different things my entire life. When I found out I was seeing her live, I could not believe it and it truly did not hit me until I saw the one and only Gold Dust Woman walk out on the stage. I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I burst into tears the second I saw her. When she sang “Landslide” I just leaned my head on my mom’s shoulders and cried. Music is many people’s first love, but there is nothing like the power of live music. Hearing the words you have memorized in your bedroom, after hours of playing your favorite song on repeat, sung to you by the person who wrote it is the closest thing that we can get in this world to pure magic. Music has the power to move us in ways we could never truly understand, and the most powerful way is hearing it in person. So, if you have the chance, hear your favorite song live. I promise there is nothing quite like it.

HCXO, Maeve

Image courtesy of Google Images.