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Being stuck at home has given me a lot of time to really use my brother’s Disney+ account. First and foremost, Pixar is by far way better than Disney. Though they are together; to me, Pixar has produced many different movies each with their own unique plot and heartfelt messages. One thing, however, that I have noticed is there are a lot of eerie connections between Pixar movies and some other branches. Let’s start with my growing list. As we know Disney loves to leave hidden Easter eggs in its movies. From the Pixar ball to hidden Mickeys, they are everywhere.



Santa Cecilia

This is the first one I noticed right away because why would I not notice things with my own name? I first discovered it in “Coco,” although it became clear to me later with earlier movies. This town is home to three very unique characters each from a different movie. First is Miguel from “Coco.” His town has a proud history of familiar ties seen throughout the entire movie.

Santa Cecilia also happens to be the home of “Puss in Boots.” This is found out during his own movie that debuted in 2011 from Dreamworks. It is also interesting to note that Kitty Soft Paws, a character in POB looks identical to Pepita in “Coco” in the last scene. Could it be that Pepita and Kitty Soft Paws are the same cat in different lives?

Lastly, in “Cars 3,” Cruz Ramirez is motivating a homesick racer whose hometown is, you guessed it, Santa Cecilia. 

In conclusion, this town is made up of Fairy Tale creatures like Humpty Dumpty, Puss in Boots, and Cars characters. Furthermore, meaning that in this universe Shrek exists in the same world as Miguel. Obviously, we knew people were present in Shrek, but this means that one universe holds talking cars, talking donkeys, and talking skeletons. Kind of whack if you ask me. This is my theory so if it ever is confirmed, someone please credit me for its discovery.


This one is more of a fan theory than anything else. I personally don’t believe it, but it makes sense. Many Pixar fans speculate that the witch from “Brave” is actually Boo from “Monsters Inc.” The proof is in the doors. Fans speculate that after discovering the monster world and that monsters could travel through doors, she learned to harness that energy to travel. This is seen when the witch is leaving Merida behind and Merida slams the door over and over to get her back.

Another theory is that Boo becomes one of the little girls in “Toy Story 3” at the daycare. I think this is more just a style coincidence more than anything. 


Besides Wall-E and Eve being the cutest couple ever, this movie has a daunting truth behind it. The company Buy-N-Large is actually a Pixar company. This company is seen in movies such as “Wall-E,” “Toy Story” and most notably, “Cars.” This mega-company has an entire history to it. It even has a fake headquarters. You can read more about BNL here. Pixar Fandom says that humanity went into mass consumption of unrecyclable waste and this led to the need for the Axiom (apparently 40 miles wide by 10 miles long) in “Wall-E.” Earth was abandoned in 2110 (only 90 years from now!!) and then thrust into space. Earth did not become inhabitable again for 700 years in the year 2805. 

This is a grim movie that is overshadowed by the lovable robot romance. Humans, take better care of the earth please.

Humans and Animals

This is not a theory but just something to point out. In “The Incredibles,” there exists families and people who have superpowers. They live true alter egos, but they have incredible powers. The technology is also available to create the weaponry against them ex: Syndrome. Supers also exist with non-supers. So again, we have an extraordinary circumstance.

Additionally, there are talking animals and animal only places. As seem from “Shrek,” animals can talk. In “Zooptopia,” there is an entire sort of country that is just animals with day jobs. These animals have almost human qualities. I applaud this movie for its ability to tackle issues of racism and truth even if it is in the form of animals. 

The same goes for Remi in “Ratatouille.” He has human qualities from being a chef to walking on two paws. He was able to form relationships with humans as well. 

Doug from “Up” is also another example of a dog understanding human feelings and being able to intelligently communicate, even if it is with technology. 

Easter Eggs

There is no doubt that Disney loves hiding hidden characters and messages all over its movies. They are everywhere. Instead of just listing every single one, I’ll cover the basics.

Characters are found in a lot of movies. Two that seem to appear a lot are Mike and Sully. They have been in “Coco,” “Aladin,” “Toy Story,” “Lilo and Stitch” and more. There are even more characters in different Disney and Pixar Movies. It just takes a good eye to find them.

Buy-N-Large again is seen everywhere. Check here for the full listing of appearances.

Pizza Planet originates in Toy Story but the truck and thing on the top of the truck appear in many other movies. Click here to see more.

The Luxo Ball is one of the staples of Pixar. It is seen in so many movies. Check out all of its appearances here.

Lastly, and I think this is most special, is the combo A-113. This number represents a classroom that many alumni of the California Institute of the Arts attended. Many of them now work for Pixar. This number makes a lot of appearances as a tribute to the team. 

That’s all for my Pixar/Disney conspiracies. These are all theories developed like fans by myself and none have been confirmed by Pixar or Disney.  Feel free to leave me any feedback about your own Disney conspiracies here!

HCXO, Cecilia 

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