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I still can’t wrap my head around this entire experience. I really can’t. From the people to the destinations to the memories, it is crazy to think that never again will I find myself reliving those moments again. This truly was a once in a lifetime experience and I will forever be thankful to have been selected to take part in it. People who travel abroad are always saying how the trip they went on forever changed them, and that it was the best decision of their life. Well, I am here to tell you both statements are beyond true. Even months later I’m still scrolling through the hundreds of photos I took on my phone, wishing I could do it all again.

This trip really was an opportunity of a lifetime and I am beyond thankful to have shared these experiences with the amazing MAPS: European Hubs group.

Now for the adventure to begin…

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1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The first destination of this 10 day trip and the location I was looking forward to the most. Why you ask? Two words. Ted Lasso. One of my FAVORITE TV shows of all time. Live, Love, Jamie Tartt.

Side Note: If you haven’t seen Ted Lasso you absolutely should. I cannot tell you how many times I have re-watched the series because it is such greatness. #Futbolislife.

Anyway, one episode out of the three season tv show took place in this area, and I made it my Netherlands goal to live my Ted Lasso Amsterdam dream. What exactly does that mean? Well, I’m glad you asked. Before going abroad, I googled gifs of this certain episode that were based around the specific things I wanted to do and see. This includes character Jamie Tartt on the world famous Skinny Bridge, character Roy Kent wanting to find a windmill, character Dani Rojas wanting to see a tulip, etc. etc.

I then used these gifs as my bucket list of the things I needed to see before my time in Amsterdam was done. And I am happy to report I was able to find everything I was looking for. YAY!!

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Moving away from T Lasso, there were a lot of other activities that occurred within the 3 days time period we were there that were also exciting. Whether it was an evening canal ride, going on Amsterdam’s highest rooftop/over-the-edge swing, avoiding getting hit by all the bicyclers, or just roaming the city: There was never a dull moment on this part of the journey.

It was such an amazing location to begin our trip that it was hard to want to leave. But we had too. Because straight from Amsterdam we took a train to our next destination…

2. Brussels, Belgium

For those who spent time with me on the trip, I apologize that my entire personality revolved around the famous Manneken Pis statue the whole time we were in Brussels. Any souvenir I bought from this country included this statue, and I have absolutely no regrets for any of those purchases.

It is the simple things in life that bring me such joy.

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Anyway, besides this statue (and its female counterpart!!!!), my time in Brussels consisted of Smurfs (as we were in their home country), seeing ALL of Europe (in miniature form), and chowing down on many, many frites and waffles (the meal of champions).

We also had the opportunity to take part in a Belgium Chocolate making class. And I can proudly announce I did not mess up the process.

Each day was full of such fun and excitement, but we weren’t done yet…

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3. Frankfurt, Germany

The last and final destination of our trip (Sad). I won’t lie. Come this part of the trip I was very, very exhausted. However, that didn’t stop me from making the most of my time there.

Even with the not-so pleasant weather, we had the opportunity to visit the Banksy Museum, go on top of the Main Tower, and even see a subway entrance that resembled an old tram car crashing into the sidewalk.

Also my picky self took a little nibble of a schnitzel, which as my mom told me was a must-eat item at this location.

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I can go on and one about what we did each day in each location, but that’s too much for me to write and too much for anyone to want to read.

Even after all this time, it is still crazy to think that these locations are no longer seen as foreign. And this list is only going to increase…watch out summer 2024!!

That’s it for my first article of the semester! (Even though the semester is almost over)

:) Christine

Christine Juliano

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Christine is a student at Millersville University majoring in special education. She absolutely enjoys writing, and is beyond excited to be a part of this amazing platform. Outside of writing, she loves spending time with her family and friends, ice skating, and photography. :)