My Target Obsession: Signs You're Obsessed Too

Target isn’t just my current obsession; it’s been my obsession for as long as I can remember. The endless clothes racks, groceries, and home goods all in one store? What more could a girl ask for? But I’m sure I’m not the only girl out there also this obsessed.  Here are some signs you may be just as obsessed as I am..


You walk in there going to get one item and end up walking out with a trunk full of bags.


You walk into the store, see a mannequin and instantly know at that moment that you’ll be walking out with everything dressed on it.


You can’t walk through the dollar section without being tempted to buy some more useless pens and notepads you know you’ll never use but still end up getting. 


Your purse is full of target receipts.


You can relate to this meme on a whole nother level.