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With spring rapidly approaching, I am finding myself cleaning out the sweaters and plaids from my closet and moving in my florals and skirts for the upcoming season. With that being said, here are my must-haves for when spring approaches!

A Button-Up Blouse
Girl Smile Happy Nature Button Down Natural Ocean Vacation
Tessa Pesicka / Her Campus

A simple staple, this is one that I find I can pair with almost anything! A flowy button-down can spruce up any outfit.

girl with jean jacket and skirt jumping 2
Taylor Thoman / Her Campus

Any skirt, in my opinion, is an essential in the spring. They’re cute and comfortable, can’t beat that!

A Floral Dress

I have four or five floral dresses that I wear in the springtime! They’re a comfy and cute way to feel in season. 

White Tennis Shoes
The Lalatennis Shoes Grass
Her Campus Media

A nice pair of white shoes can go with anything!

A Cute Bag
fashion bag flowers white leather simple minimal
Dimi Boutselis / Her Campus

A simple, neutral colored bag is one that will instantly spruce up an outit.

A Light Jacket
The Lalagirl In Jean Jacket Sticking Her Tongue Out
Her Campus

Spring’s weather can get confusing sometimes-for those chilly days, I make sure to have a simple jacket to go along with my outfit!

I hope you found some fashion inspiration! Stay beautiful!

HCXO, Alexandra

Hi I'm Alexandra! I'm an English major with a concentration in writing studies, along with a minor in film studies, at Millersville University. I love to write, take pictures of anything and everything, and spend time with my family and friends. <3
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