My Roommate and I Went Pizza Hopping Around Millersville and Here are the Results

For starters, who doesn’t love pizza? As far as my roommate Alayna, she sure as hell does. Upon request from a fellow friend Abi, I have decided to take it on myself and my roommate to try and rate the pizza around Millersville (yes, this is most definitely how you gain the freshman fifteen). The locations of where we’re getting the pizza from are: The Galley, Upper Deck, Anchor, Sugar Bowl, and House of Pizza. Of these five locations, the pizza will be rated by Alayna (direct quotes), in five different categories: taste, bread-sauce-cheese ratio, appearance, quantity and cost. Each pizza will have a grand overall rating at the end. On that note, let’s get started! Every slice for themselves.

  1. 1. Galley

    Taste: “Greasy, bowling alley-like pizza, and not fresh.”

    Bread-sauce-cheese ratio: “Thinner crust, hella cheese, and lacks the sauce.”

    Appearance: “Your standard, regular slice of pizza.”

    Quantity: “Staple quantity of a slice of pizza.”

    Cost: $1.75

    Overall: B 

    Conclusion: This was the least favorite pizza of the night, but contrary to that, it was also the cheapest. There was nothing super extraordinary about this slice, so if you want mediocre pizza, the Galley is a good option. 

  2. 2. Upper Deck

    Taste: “Not warmed-up type of cheese, but the melted type of cheese.” “The dough is soft.” “The sauce is robust and has the right flavor, not too sweet.”

    Bread-sauce-cheese ratio: “Perfect blend and just the right amount of everything.” “A lot of cheese, a lot of dough, and the right amount of sauce.”

    Appearance: “The cheese is beautifully melted on, it looks like the pizza at a birthday party as a kid.” “It looks like Pizza Hut pizza, but with a God-tier taste.”

    Quantity: “Fat ass slice, even if its a square, it's fat as F***.”

    Cost: “Not worth it if you’re just going for a slice of pizza, but it is all you can eat...(;”

    Overall: A+

    Conclusion: If it wasn't obvious already, this is Alayna's all time favorite pizza. She even says she gets a little emotional about it. Unfortunately the Upper Deck doesn't always offer pizza so we were unable to provide a picture, so I hope you enjoy the replacement photo of me eating a piece of pizza crust. 

  3. 3. Anchor

    Taste: “Tastes like Digiorno pizza.” “Doughy but in a good way.”

    Bread-sauce-cheese ratio: “The crust is thick, and saucier than House of Pizza’s.” “Not a lot of cheese.”

    Appearance: “Sloppy look and obviously was set out too long.” “Hurts me to look at.”

    Quantity: “Average slice size of pizza.”

    Cost: $1.75

    Overall: B+

    Conclusion: The look of this pizza can definitely throw you off. If you look past the appearance, the taste is actually pretty dang good! I guess pizza can even apply to the saying "don't judge a book by its cover."

  4. 4. Sugar Bowl

    Taste: “The sauce is really sweet, the sweetest sauce we’ve tried.” “Sweetness is up there with House of Pizza.” “Very greasy, cheese is nicely melted, and the crust is crusty."

    Bread-sauce-cheese ratio: “The Crust isn’t too much or too crunchy, a little bit heavy on the cheese and good amount of sauce.”

    Appearance: “The appearance is really nice, cheesy and greasy.”

    Quantity: “Quite a small slice.”

    Cost: $1.95

    Overall: A

    Conclusion: The Sugar Bowl was the second best on the list. Everything is there with the taste, the only downside of this pizza is the price to quantity ratio. 

  5. 5. House of Pizza

    Taste: “Greasy taste, and sweet sauce.” “Crust is medium, not too thin, not too thick.”

    Bread-sauce-cheese ratio: “Heavy on the cheese side, but crust looks like my right amount of crust, and sauce.”

    Appearance:  “It looks aesthetically pleasing for a piece of pizza, melted in all the right places and very greasy.” “Crust looks nice, I’m a fan.” “Looks like Chuck E. Cheese pizza, but not in a bad way.”

    Quantity: “Larger than a standard slice.”

    Cost: $1.88

    Overall: B

    Conclusion: This slice was a good slice.

 I hope you enjoyed reading about our pizza endeavour. By the time we got to the last pizza place, mine and Alayna’s stomach were so full. Also, a special thank you to my awesome roommate for being a huge help making this happen.