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My Four All-Time Favorite Songs from Broadway

You Matter to Me – Drew Gehling and Jessie Mueller (Waitress)

In this song, Jenna (the main character) and her doctor/paramour, Dr. Pomatter, are in the back of the diner. Jenna and Dr. Pomatter engage in a heavenly duet confessing their love for each other. This song is one of my absolute favorites from the soundtrack. It’s one of those tracks that will give you chills and send you off in awe.

Michael in the Bathroom – George Salazar (Be More Chill)

This song starts when Michael attends a high school Halloween party to surprise his ex-best friend, Jeremy. When Jeremy wants nothing to do with Michael, he hides in the bathroom to take shelter from the popular kids. This scene captures Michael as he feels all the emotions of being betrayed and socially awkward, all at some popular kid’s house. This song is hilarious, relatable and George Salazar’s vocals are stellar.

Lifeboat – Elle McLemore (Heathers)

After the murder of her boyfriend, Heather McNamara, or the yellow Heather, feels all alone and pressured to be perfect. In this ballad, we capture the isolation Heather feels as she contemplates taking her life; thankfully, Veronica gets there just in time to save Heather. It is a surreal scene and can be hard for some to watch; however, it is very impactful if you do take a listen.

She Used to Be Mine – Jessie Mueller (Waitress)

This ballad takes place when Jenna finally faces that she won’t be attending the county’s bake-off competition. She is forced to face the fact that her husband is controlling and abusive, that this is her life and her baby’s soon-to-be life. She sings about how she doesn’t recognize who she is anymore; if she could go back to the girl she once knew she would in a heartbeat. However, she can’t and even though it’s messy, this is her life. This song is absolutely incredible; my all-time favorite song from Broadway.

HCXO, Kayla

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