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Ladies & Tangents

The co-hosts Jeri and Ciara, two cousins in Ohio with the occasional guest star (Jeri’s dog, Mosby), talk about anything from mental health, to their personal lives, to listener-submitted stories, and my recent favorite, The Sims. They talk very candidly about their life experiences, both the good and the bad, and they have this unique ability to talk about such serious topics while also remaining moderately light-hearted.

Listening and watching their show feels like I’m meeting up with friends and we end up talking about anything and everything. Personally, one of my favorite things about friendships.

Closet Confessions

The podcast is hosted by two Black women in the United Kingdom, Candice and Sarel, who give their unapologetic opinions and talk often about the intersectionality of being a person of color and and woman in the world. Overall, they talk about their lives and relationships, and listener-submitted questions asking for advice. They remain brutally honest and authentic to themselves and the people that listen.

As a woman of color myself who keeps my friend circle on the smaller side, which means that my friends who look like me are also few, I find Candice and Sarel give me an outlet to relate to on a different level. They provide me and others with truly thought-provoking questions and mindsets that make me think about how I can better myself.

lady audaci-tea

In the last few years, one of my interests that I gained out of nowhere was the royal family and all the drama that comes with them. And let me tell you, there is some much drama.

One of the co-hosts, Meredith Constant, who I first found on TikTok, began using the British royal family as a vessel to teach people how to critically analyze the media we consume. Meredith and her co-host Alex go into deep dives into the long history of the British monarchy and the roles that people play within it. In today’s world where our news comes at us very fast, Meredith and Alex remind us that we should always ask more questions to get a deeper understanding of the information we are given.

Elise Hartwell

Millersville '25

Elise is a junior at Millersville University majoring in English writing studies with a minor in Strategic Public Relations. Elise enjoys reading, listening to music, writing, dancing, and hanging out with loved ones.