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My Favorite Outfit Combinations for Spring and Summer 

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As the weather is getting warmer, my closet is getting lighter. Around this time of the year, I love how the sun feels when you step outside with a light breeze to cool you off. It’s the perfect temperature to experiment with a new style, as the weather is versatile enough to layer old pieces with new ones. Here are three styles I like to wear that are both comfortable and chic: 

  1. Skort, t-shirt, sneakers, space buns 

I am a big fan of skirts. They are freeing to move around in, and less formal than a dress. I especially am a fan of athletic skorts (hear me out). . . They feel ‘safer’ to wear than a regular skirt, as a pair of spandex is usually built into them, making them more ideal for strutting around campus. I recommend checking out TJ-Maxx or Aerie for a good athletic skort with fun colors (I am on the hunt for a hot pink one). I pair the skort with an oversized t-shirt, some colorful half-calf socks, my Stan Smiths, and I’m ready to go! I’ll layer some necklaces by mixing charms, chokers, and colors. Then, if I’m feeling especially sporty, I’ll put my hair in two mini buns (a Gwen Stefani “No Doubt” era moment). If you’re looking to take the look a step further, try out a pair of leg warmers. They are incredibly cozy and look great with sneakers or boots. 

The Lalafloppy Black Skirt
Her Campus Media
  1. Flannel, shorts, lots of rings, high-tops

This look is perfect for a rainy or windy day. My flannel collection may be the most treasured part of my closet. I’ve spent years searching thrift stores for flannels that are well worn in and fit me the way I like. To find your perfect flannel: walk down the aisle of a thrift store, let your hand drift over all the tops until you feel the material that speaks to you (make sure to sanitize your hands first!!!), and then check for size/fit. I got this tip from a Vogue video with Camille Rowe so long ago, and it works for me every time I go thrifting. I have a pretty hefty collection of crop tops, and cotton shorts are usually high waisted enough to create a look that I feel confident in. I finish off the look with high-top sneakers, stacked socks, and my chunkiest rings. I love rings that have a lot of texture to them, and thrift stores in cities seem to have the most unique collection of funky jewelry. 

  1. Platform shoe, flowy dress, long sleeve top

I love my Doc Martens so much. I will never part with them, and I am always looking for new ways to style them. One look I like is to take a strappy dress (like a sundress) and layer it with a solid color long sleeve. If it’s a tighter long sleeve, you can put it under the dress. If it’s a bit looser, you can put it over the dress. I like to break up the flowy pieces by contrasting it with big stompers like my Docs, or any other black, platform shoe. I like to wear a pair of lace socks to add some more contrast. You can dress this look up by adding more layers like a light jacket or oversized dress shirt, or keep it simple and add a few finishing touches of jewelry (I recommend a black choker necklace, very tumblr-girl 2013). For hair, I like a half up-half down style. Feel free to add in any extra hair accessories (i.e. headband, a big scrunchie, a bow, or ribbons) for a little more flash.


I wish you well on your style journey. It can be scary to take a new fashion risk, so if you’re feeling hesitant, start small. Wear something new on a day where you will only be out for a little (a short class day), or keep a backup outfit on hand (in the car or a different layer in your backpack). Then, you can work your way up to stepping out in your new style at longer events. Try changing just one piece, and keeping the rest of your outfit the same as you normally would. This provides some perspective on what kind of style change you want. 

Lastly, be environmentally conscious! Take advantage of: thrift stores, Depop, Thredup, clothing swap with a friend(s), or modify something you already have (cut it, rip it, add pins or patches, bleach it, tie it, roll the sleeves/cuffs). If you find a look on Pinterest or Instagram that you love, see if you have anything similar in your closet to get you started. If your friend has something you love, ask kindly if they’d let you try it on or borrow it before investing in something new that you may only wear once.

Anna Schultz-Ripped Denim Boyfriend Jeans With Patches
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

Here’s some Instagram accounts of who I’m inspired by:






Honorable mention because her looks are so avant-garde: @myramagdalen

Happy spring styling!! 

Aimee Feuda

Millersville '23

Aimee is a senior Science Writing major at Millersville University. She is passionate about music, social justice, and mental health. Her interests include art, makeup, and attending live music.