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Her Campus Members at holiday party holding presents
Her Campus Members at holiday party holding presents
Photo by Rachel Ritchey
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My Favorite Moments (So Far) at Millersville

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

I felt comfortable at Millersville from the first time I stepped on campus, and when the time came to chose a school, I felt confident in my decision. It turns out, MU was a good fit for me, and it has brought me a lot of great memories. In the end, I am only going to spend 5 semesters here on campus, but I made a lot of memories in those 5 semesters. Today, I am going to count down my favorite memories I’ve made while I’ve gone to school here!

One of my favorite moments from my time at Millersville was just this past weekend, and this experience is what inspired this article! A local venue hosted a Taylor Swift night through the company 22 & good 4 u, and it was so much fun! I went with my roommate and her friend, and we all wore matching shirts that also matched the ones Taylor wears during the ‘Red’ set on the Eras Tour. The event lasted until midnight, and towards the end the venue really emptied out. You could make requests, and I requested ‘Long Live’ (which is both my favorite Taylor song and my favorite overall song of all time) and the three of us screamed our hearts out with a few other strangers and the moment was kind of magical.

Another one of my favorite moments was the first night we came back from winter break during my sophomore year. It was the only good snow Millersville saw during the time I lived here. I got out of the shower, and five minutes later my friends were knocking on the door asking if my roommate at the time and I wanted to go walk around. Of course we said yes, and so I immediately got out the hair dryer. We went and walked all around campus, and we took photos in front of my favorite building on campus. I love the quiet that comes with snowfall, and I think fondly of that night.

Another great moment was when my friends and I went to Evergreen Cafe after we worked an admissions open house one weekend. We all work as student employees of undergraduate admissions, and after a long day we wanted to relax. We ended up sitting there for a couple of hours and just talked and attempted to figure out which Back To The Future movie was playing on the television at the time. I love hanging out with both of those friends, and it was such a great way to relax after my first open house!

A club at Millersville called the University Activities Board runs an annual trip to New York City in March, and it has been well established that I love New York. During sophomore year, I went with my roommate at the time and my friend (who is one of my current roommates!), and it was truly the best day. We walked a total of 27,000 steps and saw all different parts of the city. We went to the Friends Experience, which was so cool! The experience included photo ops with iconic sets such as the orange couch in Central Perk and the memorable Pivot! scene (turns out, we just took photos with a bunch of couches haha). We also visited the Vessel, had the best Five Guys burgers, shopped in the Harry Potter store, and took photos on the rocks in Central Park. All in all, it was a great day.

Junior year, I went with two of my three current roommates, and we also had a great time! The weather was not working in our favor on this day, as it was rainy, windy, and cold, but we made the best of it (though I did fight with my umbrella the entire day). We started our morning with bagels and muffins for breakfast before we did some walking and shopping around. The highlight of our day was seeing & Juliet on Broadway! The show was so good and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to see one. 

During sophomore year, my roommate and I loved to explore the different trails and sunset spots in our area. One day, we walked out to the White Cliffs of Conoy, and it was such a beautiful view. We didn’t go for sunset, but the sun rays on the water were just as pretty. Besides for the good bit of sunburn we both got, the morning was great. After we got back, her family came up and we all got dinner before watching her play flute in the band concert that night! After her family left, we were just talking and laughing the whole night. We often watched Friends, Glee, or a Marvel movie together (she got me into the MCU), and I’m sure we settled in with some popcorn and watched away. 

The next moment is really a collection of moments, and those moments are the post Her Campus meeting conversations the executive board always ends up engaging in. We usually have brief post general meeting discussions about Her Campus related things, but oftentimes those discussions very quickly turn into casual chats about everything and anything. However, we somehow always seem to get on the topic of the ocean and all of the terrifying parts of it. I could not tell you how we always get there, but we do. I just loved having these little biweekly conversations, because it just added some fun and helped me grow closer to the other executive board members. 

Her Campus Members holding up homecoming parade sign
Original photo by Rachel Ritchey

Finally, last year I did an internship and worked with three other interns. This one is more of an overall experience, but I loved working with them. This internship also helped push me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and I began to get experience in the field I wished to enter. Each of my fellow interns saw me at my worst and my best, but there is no way I would have gotten through the experience without them. From the little treats we brought each other, to our trips to House of Pizza, to our Park City Mall visits, to spending all of our time in Room 303, I really enjoyed all of time I spent with them and all the time we spent working together!

So, those are some of my favorite moments and experiences I have had while I’ve been here at Millersville! I am excited to hopefully gain more memories during my last few weeks here, and I will look back on all of these times with a smile. :)

Katherine McLaughlin

Millersville '23

Katie is currently completing her last semester at Millersville University, with a major in Digital Communication and Cultural Studies and a minor in Creative Writing and Publishing. Katie loves listening to music, traveling, riding rollercoasters, reading, hanging out with friends, family, and her dog, and writing for fun!