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This summer, I was a counselor at Variety Camp. How it works is that you get matched with a camper. It’s a one on one experience. I helped the mentee with the three different types of therapy’s which are speech, occupational, and physical.

In the speech therapy, I helped him write. I did physical activities. I also helped with the math and speech skills. From this experience I learned how to meet the child’s needs. This will help how to supports my students in the future. Even tough I do think it did give me good experience, this might be something that I don’t do again.

Luke Davis

Millersville '25

Luke is a sophomore Special Education major at Millersville University. In addition to Her Campus, Luke is also involved in Navigators, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Early Childhood Organization, Color of Teaching, and Best Buddies. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, hiking, and working with children.