My Current Obsession: Blair Walnuts

Blair Walnuts is my current YouTube obsession and has been since last year. She makes a lot of vlog-type content, but started gaining popularity last year with her “I tried to eat like…” videos. Blair and her fiancé, fellow YouTuber Nik Stonestreet, even have a family channel together called The Walnuts.

Blair is very real and open with her viewers. After her string of “I tried eating like…” videos where she ate like different celebrities, athletes, and YouTubers, she confessed she was having issues with her body. She then started a fitness journey of her own, even encouraging her followers to do the same workout routine as her! Through this process, she stressed the importance of just getting healthy to feel healthy rather than doing it to look better.

Through her posts on Instagram, she promotes body positivity and realistic body images. She started posting both the edited and real picture for her Instagram posts, including a description of what she edited in the caption. She values the relationships she has with her follows and does everything she can to be as up front and honest as possible.

Together, Blair and Nik make funny content, but also some informative videos. They are also totally couple goals. They got engaged in March 2019, and the vlog they made from it is a cinematic masterpiece. You can really see that they are made for each other, which makes their videos together even more enjoyable to watch.

Blair also represents her Bulgarian culture really well. She includes Bulgarian recipes in her food videos and talks a lot about when she used to live there. You can also see this through the interaction between her and her family. 

In general, Blair is a very real Youtuber and is very involved with her fans. She works incredibly hard on her videos to create the best content she can and truly makes worthwhile videos. I will link her Instagram and YouTube so you can get to know the amazing Blair Walnuts.




*All images courtesy of Blair Walnuts