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My 2023 Summer Bucket List

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

This semester has definitely been draining, and I am so ready for summer! I have made a lot of plans with some friends, and today I am going to count down my top things I want to do this summer, in no particular order!

Travel to europe

I just booked a trip to Europe this summer, and I could not be any happier. I have wanted to visit England since I was around five, so the fact that I am finally going to live out that dream this summer brings me such joy. I am so excited to also visit some of my other bucket list locations while abroad, as this is my first time leaving the country. Stay tuned for an article about my travels next semester!

Go to the Drive-In

I’ve been going to a local drive-in for years, and it is always a fun time. I love to get there early and get snacks and play games with my family or friends before the film starts, and then curling up in the backseat or trunk of the car with blankets to watch the movie! Some of my top summer releases include Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Barbie, and No Hard Feelings.

Beach Days

I love going to the beach with my family, and the last couple of years I’ve also spent the past few summers going to the Jersey shore with my friends. Though the ocean kind of terrifies me and I will get sunburnt no matter how much sunscreen I put on, I always feel a sense of calm at the beach that I don’t feel anywhere else. Plus, I do my best reading while listening to the sound of waves crashing.

Visit New York City

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you would know that NYC has my heart. I cannot wait to get back there soon! There are a few Broadway shows I want to catch, museums I want to visit, and places I want to go this summer, and I am ready to get back the excitement the city brings me.

The Eras Tour

I am counting down the days until I see Taylor Swift. I’ve loved her since her debut era, and I grew up on her music, but I have never seen her live. After living vicariously through TikTok the past few weeks since the tour started, I cannot wait to see her live instead of through my phone screen. I have my finger crossed for a Speak Now or Taylor Swift surprise song!

Bike Rides

I love riding my bike around my neighborhood on a cool summer morning or evening. I also can combine this one with number three, as I always make a point to get up early on one of my beach days and ride my bike down the boardwalk.

Hershey Days

I am a season passholder at Hersheypark, and I love spending the day there. One of my best friends also has a pass, so sometimes we’ll spontaneously take a trip as well which is always the best. I am a rollercoaster fan, so I am looking forward to getting my adrenaline kick on some of my favorites rides, as well as taking a spin on Hershey’s newest addition, Wildcat’s Revenge, once it opens!

This photo isn’t Hersheypark, but I love the swings anywhere!

Eating Fresh Fruit and Pasta Salad

This one is so simple, but is so real. I love fruit, and I am so excited to feast on my summertime favorites such as watermelon and pineapple! My mom also makes the best pasta salad you’ll ever have, so I am ready to live on these two food groups for the next four months.

Meredith Kress-Pineapple
Meredith Kress / Her Campus

I love looking up at night, and this summer I would love to travel to one of my places where you can really see the stars. I’m always envious of people who get clear skies every night, so this is definitely on my bucket list for this summer.

Reading More

This one also relates to number 3, but I cannot wait to get back into reading. I read every single day last year, but this semester has just been too busy to keep up this habit. I have a TBR list a mile long, and there are some new releases this summer that I cannot wait to read!

There we have it! My top ten summer bucket list items. I am determined to have the best summer ever, and I think these ten items are going to help make it so.

Have a great summer everyone!

Katherine McLaughlin

Millersville '23

Katie is currently completing her last semester at Millersville University, with a major in Digital Communication and Cultural Studies and a minor in Creative Writing and Publishing. Katie loves listening to music, traveling, riding rollercoasters, reading, hanging out with friends, family, and her dog, and writing for fun!