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Millersville Safety Procedures

Did you know that Millersville University has a 32 page Emergency Guide? This guide contains procedural steps in how to deal with natural and manmade disasters on and off campus. A natural disaster is a sudden event in the world that is inexorable (examples include flood, hurricane, tornadoes and even volcano eruptions among others). A manmade disaster is deliberately done by one or more persons (examples include bombing, nuclear disasters, transportation incidents, etc.). 

The disasters this Emergency Guide covers includes:

  • Anthrax/suspicious packages (on page 4)

  • Bomb threats (on pages 5-6)

  • Chemical/radiation spills (on page 8)

  • Communicable diseases (on page 9)

  • Explosions/downed aircrafts ( on page 16)

  • Fire (on page 17)

  • Building collapse (on page 23)

  • Nuclear power plant incidents (on page 20)

  • Bird flu (on page 21)

  • Terrorism (on page 25)

  • Tornado (on page 26)

  • Violent intruders (on page 28)

  • Utility failures (on page 27)

On top of these natural disasters and manmade disasters, the Millersville University Emergency Guide also explains what to do if you are taken hostage or what to do in an event of an active shooter. I am only going to go into a detailed explanation on a few of the protocols of Millersville University: Bomb threats, tornadoes and active shooters.

According to the Millersville University Emergency Guide, in an event of a bomb threat (or if you suspect a bomb) there are a few steps you need to follow to remain as safe as possible. The first step in handling this type of disaster is DO NOT handle the suspected object! The second step is to call police at 3-911. On top of not handling the suspected object, do not pull the fire alarm to avoid mass panic. Instead of pulling the fire alarm, inform people around you and, once the police arrive they will aid in evacuating the building. Once you are safely outside of the building it is important to get 300 feet (or more) away and do not re-enter the building until it is cleared.

In the event of an active shooter the very first thing you need to do is take cover and be ready to protect your hiding place by putting up a barrier. There really is not much that you can do in the event of an active shooter except to not make the perpetrator angry and to follow the orders from police officers. It is also important to note that any medical assistance and evacuations will occur once the area is safe.

And lastly, In an event of a tornado take shelter. Even though many of the shelters at Millersville University are gymnasiums, auditoriums or multipurpose rooms, in the event of a tornado you need to stay away from rooms that do not have a lot of support for the ceilings. Instead, go to a basement or move to the center of a building. Remember to stay away from windows and doors and to protect your head by tucking it under your arms in a knelt position. If you are stuck outside during a tornado lay down in a ditch or other depressions in the ground – again, make sure to cover your head with your arms.


Millersville University has multiple shelters throughout the campus.

  1. Pucillo Gymnasium which can hold 873 people.

  2. Brooks Gymnasium which can hold 630 people.

  3. SMC Gymnasium which can hold 764 people

  4. SMC Multipurpose Room  which can hold 577 people

  5. Burrowes Recreation Room which can hold 230 people

  6. Lenhardt Recreation Room which can hold 230 people

Again, remember, in the event of a tornado do NOT take shelter in a room that does not have the roof supported in multiple places. Instead of a gymnasium, auditorium or multipurpose room try to go to a basement. 

To see the evacuation procedures for Millersville University see the online pdf of the Emergency Guide.

Emergency Numbers provided in the guide:

Fire, Police, Ambulence or any other medical emergency: 911 or 3-911

Non-Emergency medical care: call Health Services at 872-3250

Millersville University Police: 872-3433

Millersville University Environmental Health and Safety: 872-3017 or 872-3715


*All images courtesy of Pinterest. 

*All information on safety procedures courtesy of Millersville University Emergency Guide.

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