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Meeting Your Soul Sister

            While I am not one to completely believe the idea of soulmates, I do believe that there is one person out there that just totally gets you. They are the perfect balance for you, match your energy and never say no. They know what you’re going to say before you say it, know when you need a hug and especially know when you need to be left alone. Katie, my soul sis and best friend, is literally just another version of me.

two girls smiling and laughing in a sunflower shield sheaffer Original photo by Laura Sheaffer

            Katie and I knew each other growing up but never actually knew each other until sophomore year at Millersville. We reconnected on the Facebook page freshman year when we were searching for roommates, but she decided to take a different path and go to a different college. THEN, last minute, like she usually is, she decided that her heart was at Ville. By then I had already had a roommate.

            Sophomore year I decided to change my major (for the third time) and we ended up being in a class together. Come on now y’all – that is soul sister material! We planned our whole schedule together and bonded over literally everything. It didn’t take long to realize we are the exact same person, even though she doesn’t like to admit it.

two girls smiling in a sunflower field sheaffer Original photo byLaura Sheaffer

            From the sarcastic comments, to our deep love for Hamilton, to our even deeper love of Chipotle; I can’t deny that she is the perfect soul sister for me. Katie lifts me up when I need it and also relies on me to do the same for her. Through relationships, COVID-19 scares (LOL), many poor scores on exams together and just feeling down, she’s been there. She knows when I need a hug and knows when not to test me. Thankfully, I’ve also learned when she’s in a mood vs. when she just needs company.

            I couldn’t be more thankful for someone to share food, coffee and allergies with. Having the same mind and attitude as Katie can be fun but scary at the same time. Together, we are powerful, and we get things done. She's seen my highs and she has certainly seen my lows. She's a shoulder that I can rely on and she knows she will always have mine.

two girls smiling sheaffer Original photo by Laura Sheaffer

            I’m thankful to have met my soul sister, and I’m even more thankful that she is a boss babe that I can look up to. She keeps me focused on school but also makes sure I have fun. She is my balance. Thanks for being you, Katie!


Hcxo, Laura