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Meeting Laura Sheaffer

We did another round of member interviews! I love this series because I get to know more about the wonderful girls who make our chapter so dynamic and so inviting. This time around I had the pleasure of talking with Laura Sheaffer, a new member of our chapter. Laura Sheaffrer dance

  1. 1. What drew you to Her Campus?

    "Well, I recently just became a Public Relations major so I thought this club would suit me. I also followed the Instagram account [@hercampusmillersville] by accident and loved it I had a really positive and inviting vibe. I also joined to gain some more friends and use this as a platform as an experience for writing."

  2. 2. What's your favorite part about being a student at Millersville University?

    "How involved I am. I love being busy. I started dancing in Expressions [a dance group on campus] and now I’m the lyrical [dance] teacher and our manager. I also got a job at the gym, which is busy and rewarding."

  3. 3. What's your major?

    "Speech Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and minor in English."

  4. 4. What made you decide your major?

    "Well, that’s a long story! I started out as an Early Education and Special Education major which wasn’t for me, so I ended up switching to Secondary Education for English and after that, Middle Education for English. I definitely needed some guidance so I went and spoke with my advisor to figure out what would be good for me. I took a little quiz thing and the Communications major seemed the best for me. I decided that this was the major for me because I want to become the person that shares the news or helps figure the stories out for other people."

  5. 5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

    "This is such a hard question! I see myself graduated and probably living in a city. Hopefully, I’ll be living in Philly. I want to work with writing or editing staff for news releases or be involved in the written work for any company."

  6. 6. What is something you wish someone told you before coming to college?

    "How much debt you end up with. Oh, and how big of a change it is living with roommates. During my first year, I struggled with that, and I learned a lot. Next semester I’ll be moving in with my best friends. It’ll be much better!"

  7. 7. What do you like to do for fun outside of school?

    Laura Sheaffer running

    "I like to dance and write. And I like reading and hanging out with my boyfriend."

  8. 8. Do you have a favorite song?

    " 'Die From A Broken Heart' by Maddy and Tay even though it's so sad. 'Work Song' by Hosier is also a bop!"

  9. 9. How about a favorite book?

    " 'Me Before You.' I've read it like 17 times. But more recently, I’ve been reading a lot of Debbie Macomber."

  10. 10. A favorite movie?

    " 'Burlesque or Mama Mia!' "

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