Meet Lexie: Our Resident Busy Bee

Lexie Sites is currently the treasurer at our chapter of Her Campus, and is also the president of Expressions Dance and the social media chair of Love Your Melon. To say it quickly, she is super busy and has a full resume to prove it. She is also a very wonderful friend of mine, and I loved having the opportunity to interview her!

  1. 1. Meet Lexie

    Alexis Morgan Sites (Lexie for short) is a senior at Millersville University studying Early Childhood Education with an Integrative STEM minor. She is from Lancaster, PA, and grew up around the university, so she knows her way around!

  2. 2. What made you decide to study education?

    Lexie says that she loves working with kids, and wanted the opportunity to create a safe space and environment for all of her students to come to. She also enjoys getting to see kids feel confident in themselves when they understand new concepts.

  3. 3. What motivates you?

    “Coffee!” Lexie joked, then clarified that in reality, her future motivates her. “I am really intrinsically driven and I work really hard because I know that it will pay off for me in the future.” She couldn’t be more right about that - I’ve seen how hard Lexie works, and it’s already paying off for her! She has more great things coming.

  4. 4. What is an interesting fact about your life?

    Lexie and her sister were born two years and one day apart; her birthday is September 14th and her sister’s is September 15th.

  5. 5. What is your current obsession?

    Billie Eilish! Lexie says that might not be super current, but “that girl has been killing the game recently! Wow.”

  6. 6. Tell me one of your biggest goals in life.

    Lexie’s goal is to get her doctoral degree by the time she is 30. At the rate she’s going now, I have no doubt she’ll succeed!

  7. 7. What would you say to someone who is struggling to motivate themselves through college?

    “Write down your goals. I try to do this every semester and then look and decide what I need to do to get those goals accomplished. I find that having set goals helps to motivate me because I know that I need to get them accomplished!

Lexie Sites is the kind of gal who you always want on your side, and she’ll always be there to help. She has big dreams and she already has the plans for how to get herself there, and I can’t wait to see the fantastic things she does in her future!

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Love you, Lexie!

HCXO, Lola