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Mark Enoch (far left) with friends from Millersville

       Like many students, Mark Enoch didn’t start out at Millersville. He transferred here his sophomore year after leaving Penn State. A Lancaster County native, Mark planned to take classes here for a semester or two while he figured out where he really wanted to be. However, early on in his time here he realized that Millersville was exactly the place he needed to be.

        “I transferred here with no intention of staying at Millersville. After the fall semester of 2011, I decided to stay and pursue a degree in education here. I chose to stay because of the small class sizes and the location. I’m born and raised in Lancaster County and after a year at Penn State I found it hard to leave again. “

        Mark went on to say that choosing to stay at Millersville is one of the best decisions he’s made. For him, the transition was an effortless one. During his sophomore year, Mark was an assistant basketball coach at a local high school. It was then that he realized working with young adults in an academic setting would be the perfect fit for him. Millersville’s outstanding reputation for its educational programs made his decision to pursue a degree in secondary education here especially easy.

       Since making the leap into the Millersville community, Mark has not been disappointed. He feels that the program really lives up to its reputation. In his time here he has been inspired and encouraged by many of his professors, particularly citing the department chair, Kim McCollum-Clark, as one of his most influential professors. “She’s a professor who goes above and beyond what her job description requires, and her door is always open ready to hear about any problems or concerns. She has always been helpful when it comes to preparing myself for the future,” states Mark.

       Currently Mark is in his second semester of the Millersville PDS (Professional Development School) program. The program has allowed him to observe and teach in the same classroom all year which has given him many opportunities to have a glimpse at what it will be like to be a full-time teacher.

       “The Millersville PDS program has challenged me in more ways than I thought possible. During my time in a classroom, I’ve been able to work with students in a professional environment. When I enter in the workforce next year, I know that Millersville has done everything they can to prepare me for whatever situation I find myself in.”

       In his student teaching placement, Mark has also gotten the chance to continue something else he loves–coaching basketball. He coaches the 7th and 8th grade basketball team for the district. Basketball is something Mark has always had a passion for, having played since he was a kid, so he is thrilled to be able to continue that in a professional setting. This season his team went 10-3.

       We also discussed some of the other aspects of Millersville life that Mark has grown fond of over the last three years. In that time he has participated in a few campus activities outside of the education program. He mentioned intramurals as one of the really great opportunities that Millersville offers. Mark has played both football and basketball as part of Millersville’s intramural sports teams. In addition to athletic activities, he was also a part of Circle K, a volunteer organization on campus. As a member of Circle K, he’s taken part in events such as Adopt-A-Highway and Humans vs. Zombies. Before graduating this spring, Mark plans to take advantage of some of the other activities Millersville has to offer, such as the performances or activities that the school and clubs put on.

        Mark also enjoys just meandering around the scenic campus. “Even though the campus is small and often times bustling with students, there are plenty of places where I can go take a walk outside and just be in nature. Not going to name any of the places though, I want to keep them for myself,” Mark jokes.

       We ended our conversation with what he will remember most about Millersville once he leaves: “I enjoyed all the people I met. I don’t [know] what it is about Millersville, but it seems to draw nice people who are open and friendly, which was a stark contrast to the previous school I went to. There’s such a great sense of community here. Something about Millersville just seems to bring that out in people.” After he graduates in the spring, Mark plans on securing a teaching position anywhere he can. After getting a few extra years in a familiar setting near home, he is open to the idea of branching out and going other places, even seeking jobs abroad. “I am open to any opportunities that present themselves to me in the next few months and years,” explains Mark. He is ready for whatever the future brings, though he is trying to enjoy his remaining time at Millersville as much as he can.

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