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Lose the “Freshman 15”

The Freshman 15 had been one of the most feared changes that go along with starting your first year of college for well, forever. Let’s face it, the stress of homework, exams, new environments, and new friends can take a toll on your normal diet and work-out routine. The dining hall can offer plenty of choices for students on-the-go, but make sure to make the healthier fast choices. 

For breakfast:
Instead of a blueberry muffin grab a plain or multi-grain bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter. A blueberry muffin seems like a healthy choice, but it contains a good chunk of your daily sugar intake. A bagel and cream cheese contains dairy and the multi-grains will leave you feeling full. 

For lunch:
A turkey wrap is the perfect choice for a fulfilling lunch. Choose your cheese for a dose of calcium and pile on the veggies for tons of flavor and great texture (but leave out the bacon). Have it on a spinach wrap for an extra healthy kick. 

For dinner:
After a long day of classes, the glorious smell of fried chicken tenders and fries seems to call your name. Instead of darting ahead in line to grab a large helping of fried heaven, choose the grilled chicken breast. It’s a healthy source of protein without all the excess fat to keep you feeling full the rest of the night. 

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