Valentina Zamora

Lights, Camera, Valentina!

Valentina Zamora is always excited for a new way to express herself and display her creative flare. She loves to design and create and has an eye for quality work; the main way she does this is through fashion. Her outfits are always so well designed and planned, she makes the walk to class look like a walk down the runway. 

With her family originating from Colombia, her aunt taught her how to sew at a young age and she has found solace doing so for a long time. Another great reason Valentina loves to sew is it gives her the opportunity to express herself and take the clothes she buys to the next level and give them her own personal flare. 

“I love thrifting and then taking that piece and making it something completely new,” said Valentina. Her biggest success of reusing and designing was creating her own prom dress senior year of high school. She bought it at a thrift store for 12 dollars and then transformed it into the dress of her dreams. 

Valentina doesn’t just sew for her own good, but shares her experiences with her friends and peers, especially in theater, where she helped to fix and create costumes for plays and musicals. She hopes that maybe one day she will be able to open her own boutique of repurposed and redesigned clothes, possibly in New York City. 

photo of an organized closet Photo by Burgess Milner on Unsplash

For now, Valentina is still trying to map out exactly where she will be post graduation. Her interests expand beyond only fashion, and into all things beauty, creativity, and content used to inspire and empower. In addition to the photos she takes of her designs, she also has a YouTube channel. In her videos, she tries to be as authentic and real as she can be. 

“My videos are a piece of me, I cover everything from fashion, makeup, and just reality; I’m a huge believer in learning from my mistakes,” said Valentina. As a Media Broadcasting major, Valentina is more drawn to shorter content like videos as opposed to feature length films. She prefers these because she feels so real behind the camera, and just speaks directly to the audience as herself. She is considering looking into something like Buzzfeed and creating their small videos; which would potentially give her the opportunity to be behind or in front of the camera.

Valentina Zamora Valentina Zamora

Along with her love for expression and creativity, she is glad for Her Campus to have a girl gang that is all about those values as well. “I love the energy everyone has. We’re all here to hype each other up. We can put whatever we want in our articles and put ourselves out there. I love the girl power; it doesn’t matter where you’re from, it matters what you do. Her Campus gives you a place to speak your truth.” Well said, Valentina. 


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