Lady Gaga's Always Been Great, You Guys Just Slept On Her Talent

I’ve been a fan of Lady Gaga since I was 10 years old, meaning I’ve been a fan of hers for more than a decade. I’ve been through every era, every outfit, every tour and all the hate that people threw at her and told me she wasn’t even that good. Now that she is huge due to A Star Is Born, everyone suddenly loves her, even people who use to tease me for loving her! I know I shouldn’t be bitter about this, but when I’ve been a fan for this long, it bugs me that people only are just now seeing how amazing she is. Let's take a journey through her career and see a few examples of her being great, amazing, and talented. 

The Fame Era

Starting at the beginning of her fame, Lady Gaga released "The Fame" album in 2008. The album has 14 tracks including hits like "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". This was the beginning of Gaga's fame, the album was nominated for six Grammys and won two of the six. 

In 2009, Gaga performed at the VMA's with the song "Paparazzi" and shocked the world. This honestly was an ICONIC performance, if you don't believe me, click here to watch the video. 

The Fame Monster Era

In 2009, Gaga released the EP "The Fame Monster" which has bop after bop on it such as "Bad Romance" and "Telephone". During this era, Gaga went on the Monster Ball Tour which ran from 2009-2011. There's an HBO special on it when she performed at Madison Square Garden (it's incredible, I've watched it a thousand times). The Monster Ball had so many iconic moments that it's hard to pick some out but the most iconic is her speech which still gives me chills. Here's a video of it but my favorite part of her speech is: "Tonight I want to forget all your insecurities like you reject someone or something that is made to feel that does not belong here or do not fit or is made to feel you're not good enough or pretty enough or that you can not sing enough good or that you can not dance or write a song good or you'll never win a Grammy leave or never sell out Madison Square Garden. You just remember that you are a god damn superstar and you were born this way"

Born This Way Era

Gaga's iconic "Born This Way" album came out in 2011 with hits such as "Born This Way" ,"You and I" and "Judas". This was the era of the Born This Way Ball which was her biggest and most demanding tour schedule to date. She created the Born This Way Foundation as a way to support her young LGBTQ+ fans with services they may need. In this era as well, in the middle of her tour, she broke her hip, causing her to cancel the rest of her tour dates. 


After a two year break, Gaga's hip was healed and ARTPOP was released. With songs such as "Applause" and "G.U.Y" it was her electro and rave era. The ARTPOP Tour (which I saw her TWICE on!!) traveled the world with a stage that was out of this world. This tour was ICONIC!! (like everything she does)

Cheek To Cheek

Gaga switched up genres with this album with Tony Bennett. This jazz album really showed how powerful her voice is and on her Cheek to Cheek tour, she even sang without a mircophone! This era brought a lot attention to her and her talent (that she's had all along!!). 

XoXo, Joanne

This era... OH BOY, this era was.... my favorite by far, I think. "Joanne" was an album she released in 2016 with hits like "Perfect Illusion" and "Million Reasons". Not only did she sing the National Anthem at the Superbowl in 2016, she also has a Joanne World Tour, and PERFORMED THE HALF TIME SHOW AT THE SUPERBOWL IN 2017. This era was so good to her and the looks were out of this world. 

A Star is Born

Now back to the present, Gaga played Ally in "A Star Is Born" movie which now has gained her another Grammy award and made her an Oscar winning actress!!! 

Other Great Things She's done:

Victoria's Secert Fashion Show Performance

Til it Happens to You Oscars 2016

Sound of Music Oscars 2015

TLDR; this video sums this article all up: DECADE OF GAGA

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