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Katelyn Jernigan

Major: Anthropology/archaeology

Year: Senior

Hometown: Southbridge, MA

Siblings: 1 little brother

Favorite food: Stuffing!

Dream job as a kid: Ballerina

Dream job now: Archaeologist

Favorite movie: Tangled

What organization are you involved with?
Anthropology club, we are a group of students who have a common interest in the study of other people and their cultures.

What are your duties as secretary?
Take notes at meetings, send emails and help with fundraisers.

How long have you been in this organization?
I have been a member since spring 2009.

Why did you join the organization?
It sounded like fun, and there was free pizza!

How did you find out about the organization?
The department sent out an email to students in the department, and I heard a few professors mention it in their classes.

Do you go to any special events associated with this organization?
We have taken many field trips!

Are you involved with any other organizations?
I am a section leader in the marching band, and I used to be part of the MU dance team.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Hang out with friends, Facebook, read, knit and watch movies.

Anything else you would like to share with the Her Campus readers?

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