It's Okay to Change Your Major


Near the end of last semester, I was conflicted. I was sitting in my dorm, pouring over hours of projects and papers that needed to be completed, worried about getting into the next level of classes that I needed towards obtaining my teaching certification. I was so stressed out, and I had a very real period of reflection. I realized that this particular career was not one that I was ready to go into: hearing words of teachers and their sleepless nights, their frustrations in and out of the classroom, and other factors that turned me off. Don’t get me wrong, teaching is a career that I will always admire; a lot of my family members are teachers that have inspired me and shown me the joy of teaching, but for me, I realized that teaching just wasn’t something that I was cut out for in the long run.


So, in the middle of my sophomore year, I switched my major.


Some of you may be thinking, “Wow, she really just wasted all of that time and money on classes she doesn’t even need.” And, sure, that may be the case (even though one full year of the courses I took were general education requirements I needed anyway, so not all was lost). But, if I’m being honest, I do not regret spending my time in these courses at all. I made some incredible friends, met some amazing professors, and got to spend some of my time in the classroom with children that made my heart glow. These are the experiences that I will not forget.


In the course of my reflection, I decided that I wanted to go down the route that I have always loved,  and that was English and writing. I’ve always had a passion and a love for literature, creating stories, and things of that sort, so I went back to it. I talked with my advisor on the matter, and she was not upset or disappointed like I was worried she would be. She was proud! I was honestly sort of shocked. She said to me that she was glad that I realized now, and that sometimes we realize things about ourselves that we can only find out through experience. She gave me all of the necessary information and sent me on my way. A week and some paperwork later, I was an English major. 


This article is for all of my college gals who are in a rut about what they want to do, whether they’re thinking about switching or don’t know what major to choose in the first place. It’s okay if you decide to switch, and it’s okay if you decide to do so again and again and again (I know some people who have switched upwards of three times, and they’re living their best life). You just need to take some time to yourself to reflect and take in what you’re really feeling. It will all work out in the end.


HXCO, Alexandra