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I *Tried* Going Vegan for a Week… But It Lasted 3 Days

So, I just moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn. What better idea than to make some lifestyle changes in a new setting? The NYC area has so many vegan options, so I tested out being vegan for a week!


First day started off strong with a homemade iced coffee with oat milk. It was my first time trying oat milk, and let me tell you, I definitely recommend it! I made avocado toast (on vegan bread) with some lime juice, bagel seasoning, and red chili flakes. For lunch I had vegan mac & cheese from a market across the street, and it was quite an experience (I still prefer regular old mac and cheese). For dinner I had some roasted veggies. Overall, Day 1 went well!


I had an iced lavender oat milk latte from a cafe across the street, and it was amazinggg. I had a quick banana and some apple slices with organic peanut butter. Later on, I had an acai bowl. This day I struggled with feeling full & staying on budget! 


I started off with an oat milk latte (who would've guessed), and by lunchtime... I broke my vegan streak. I got chicken & fries takeout... because I couldn't think of anything else to eat.

Overall, going vegan is definitely a process to ease into! I definitely recommend starting off with a vegetarian diet and easing into veganism. I am going to keep trying to ease into it, wish me luck!

HCXO, Hannah

Hannah Mader

Millersville '21

Hi! I'm Hannah, I am a senior Speech Communications major with an option in Public Relations. I grew up in Lancaster PA, and spent my first year of college at New York University before transferring to Millersville. I am obsessed with astrology!
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