I Don't Have a "Style" and I Don't Need One

Growing up, I have never really belonged to one certain “style.” I have never been heavily into fashion, makeup, or shopping. My 'style' has changed over the years and even day-to-day. They say that one’s style can describe one’s personality, and I guess that goes for me too. There are many parts to my personality and several things that make me who I am. Looking back at photos of when I was younger, I see myself wearing GAP, Gymboree, Old Navy, and The Children’s Place clothing. Children do not really get a say in what they wear, but I never had an issue in what my parents clothed me in as I was usually too busy being occupied by other things.As I grew to be in elementary school and then a pre-teen, I had more autonomy in clothing choice. I have always hated shopping, but when I did shop to pick out my own clothes, I picked Justice, Hollister, and Rue 21 to go to. Looking back now, I will forever regret buying the clothes I did from Justice that were covered in leopard, zebra, or another pattern that I would not choose today. I wore loud and neon colors and of course tried to rock a side ponytail. I remember for some reason at this age being insecure about my naturally curly hair, as most of my friends and schoolmates had straight hair. I got bangs (that turned out to be hideous) and straightened them along with my hair to try and ‘fit in.’ I also regret this decision, as I embrace and love my curls now. 

Image result for justice storeHigh school was the time where I saw everyone around me sticking to a certain type of clothing or style. Some girls would stick to blouses and jeans, others in sweatshirts and leggings, some athleticwear and shorts, or dresses or designer-wear. For me, I could come to school one day in a sunflower dress and sandals and the following day wear a leather jacket and combat boots. I liked all my styles and didn’t want to stick to just one. In high school, I shopped at American Eagle, H&M, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Target. There was still an urge to try and fit in, but it definitely was not as powerful. By senior year, I did not have a care in the world. My style was my style, and it was on you if you did not like it. I wore my hair naturally every day and did not care if I showed up in sweatpants one day and in the next, I was in a skirt and blouse. This was when I started to lean more towards solid colors. I found myself liking darker clothes, such as blacks and grays, as well as red and teal. 

Image result for charlotte russe storeIf I could describe my style in a few words, it would be kind of edgy, flowery, and casual all at the same time. It is mine and I choose it every day, whether it is in the form of a leather skirt, a polka dot dress, or jeans and a t-shirt. All I can say is that I make my look mine each day. Even though my style differs from time to time, during the chillier weather, you will almost never see me without my favorite black combat boots.  

HCXO, Kasidy

Images courtesy of Google and Kasidy Bidelspacher