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How to Stay Motivated and Organized Until the End of the Semester!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.



Are you feeling the end of semester blues? I know I sure am, as my motivation is dwindling as the weeks continue to pass. There are only a few short weeks left in this semester, so I want to share with you tips that have worked in keeping me motivated and organized!

Color Code Your Planner

At the beginning of the semester, I chose one color per class I had. I made a color key in the front of my planner to refer to. For each week’s spread, I wrote each assignment, Zoom class, and test down in the pertaining class’s color. This has helped me so much this semester because I can see what assignments are due first and how heavy each class is that week in its workload. I got this tip from Hannah Elise’s YouTube channel. I highly recommend her college organization videos if you need more tips!

Make To-Do Lists

At the beginning of each week, I tear out a sheet of notebook paper and create a heading for each class I have. I write each task I have to complete under the pertaining class and its due date. Then, as I complete each assignment, I cross it off. Let me just say, this will motivate you because I always feel accomplished when I cross multiple assignments off in one day! I feel motivated to get even more done. When next Monday comes, you can write a new one out for the week and toss the old one away!

Prioritize Assignments

This is a task I sometimes struggle with if I’m being honest. I always tend to complete the easiest assignments first when I should be doing the ones that are due the earliest. Even if you need to write it out on a scrap piece of paper or sticky note, write down the assignments due first each week and knock those out! This way, you will not be stressing and cramming it in at the last minute. Procrastination is real, people! College students know this more than anyone else, but no one enjoys staying up until 2:00 a.m. writing a term paper. Chunk it out and prioritize it!

Allow Yourself Breaks and Rest

This tip is so important! I tend to go, go, go and don’t allow myself enough breaks when I’m in the zone of knocking out assignments at once. You need to allow your brain (and your eyes, if you are staring at a computer screen most of the day) a break at least every hour. You will be able to focus on your assignments better and complete them more efficiently this way. Without breaks, I get distracted so easily and end up scrolling on my phone for 15 minutes being unproductive. Instead, grab a snack or play on your phone purposefully for 15-30 minutes to let your mind rest. Burnout is real, and sometimes you just need to take a day off and rest from school. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. Acknowledge its needs and what is best for you.

Reward Yourself for Your Hard Work

We’re in this together, and I think everyone can agree this year has been anything but easy! Trying to continue your education during a pandemic is difficult, and everyone has had to adjust their lives around it. No matter if you have online classes or in-person classes, or a hybrid of both, you need to remember to reward yourself for the boss babe you are! This could be as simple as setting aside an afternoon to binge watch your favorite movies or grabbing coffee through the Starbucks drive-thru. Buy yourself that cute pair of yoga pants you’ve been eyeing up! Rewarding yourself will motivate you to keep up the hard work and allow yourself to see what you can accomplish!



I hope these tips can help you get back that mojo we are all starting to lose at this point in the semester! Keep pushing through and I know you can make it out the other side! You’ve got this!



Rachel Ritchey

Millersville '22

Rachel Ritchey is a senior public relations major at Millersville University. Rachel is the President of the Millersville University Her Campus Chapter. She is also the PR Chair of the All Campus Musical Organization and a member of Navigators. She is passionate about type 1 diabetes awareness, women empowerment, social media management, music, mental health, and self-care. ♡
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