How My Low-key Nose Job Changed My Life

When I say low-key nose job, I really do mean a low-key nose job. Before my operation, I had a horrible time breathing at night, I always contracted some sort of illness every other week, and my ears had unbearable pressure. It was pure misery. I’ve missed so much class time in college due to my frequent illnesses. All of my friends knew that when I was sick, I would be out for days. I never got to fully enjoy my life without bringing a pack of tissues everywhere I went.

It wasn’t until November 2016 when I visited my local ear, nose and throat specialist. I told them about my consistent sinus infections and how I was experiencing constant pain and pressure in my ears and sinuses. I went through blood testing for allergies to see if that would be the root cause of the problem. And with my luck, it wasn’t. I took multiple hearing tests to see if the pressure was something deeper than my sinuses. Nope. After receiving a ~pleasant~ nasal endoscopy and getting a CT scan, I finally had a confirmed answer: I had a deviated septum.

At first I laughed. That’s it? This is something that a large majority of the population has. It can happen from breaking your nose, injury, or just the way your nose is shaped. The only way to correct it was through surgery. An hour operation where they remove the cartilage in your nose (basically removing the part that makes it crooked) and stitching it back together. She also told me that she would chisel away at the bone that connects your upper teeth to your nose to help the sinus pressure. I cringed while she was explaining it, but decided that this surgery would make my life so much better.

I agreed and set the date for 3 weeks later. Recovering from the surgery wasn’t as horrific as I thought it would be. The pain was moderate, and I only had to use mild pain relievers. I couldn’t eat solid food for a week, blow my nose for a week, or do any heavy lifting for about a month. I was very congested, and not being able to blow my nose sucked. The use of nasal spray really helped to keep my nose clear and helped the healing process. Every other week I would go in and get my nose cleaned out with a small nasal vacuum. Disgusting, but pleasantly satisfying.

My first photo after waking up from the surgery

It is now 3 months post-operation and I love it! While it was not considered cosmetic surgery, I see a difference in the shape of my nose. My sinuses were always swollen so my nose appeared larger. I’m no longer a mouth-breather at night! I also have an enhanced sense of smell, a common postoperative experience. My breathing is better, I am not constantly battling sinus headaches, and my illnesses have been nothing more than a two-day cold. This surgery has changed my life in many ways and I have never felt better! And I do NOT miss being a mouth-breather.

*All gifs courtesy of Giphy